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4 Responses to Tunnel King

  1. samuel vermeulen says:

    Ihave one to bet still i have to build him . I can see pretty job
    te boat have som nice lines.
    Bet i want to know hou fast it go let se 140 hp max speed and i like to see i vidio
    i like to see how se go”s

  2. Larry Saupe says:

    Very sharp! Any further feedback on how this boat performed once it was splashed?

  3. KirksRestoration says:

    Thanks Dan.
    I haven’t finished quite yet still have the fuel system to do then I will be buttoning it up for delivery.
    It has really been fun building and seeing the end is very satisfying!
    I will post the final pictures in a week or two!

  4. Dan Hennis says:

    That is one beautiful boat! I like that you took plenty of pictures. I can see that if I were building it, I could and would go to your build to see ANYTHING I wanted in how something went together before I did it. This is a fantastig collection of pictures. Great build. Good fortune on the water!

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