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One of the many fun parts of building your own boat is to make changes to fit your own needs, particularly on your boat’s cabin floor plan. In most cases, unless a major weight is shifted, such changes are quite doable. One caveat to this, however; you may not have the space that you think you have…a boat, unlike a house, doesn’t have that nice flat floor, plus the “walls” are sloping, realities which limit the usable area. Thus, don’t just look at the floor plans but check the sections to find out how much usable space is actually available.

The best way to make changes in arrangements is to first have fun making all the changes you’d ultimately desire on the drawings. Before seriously committing to a revised layout, however, wait until the hull is right side up. Only then can the full scope of the area be viewed. Now you should mock up your new layout, using sticks of wood, cardboard, etc. Then see if the alterations can be accomplished and figure out where you can make little compartments to stash whatever.

When making changes questions will arise as to how big is a berth, what is comfortable seating height, and so forth. Obviously you can check a chair or measure an existing item, but there are a few sizes and measurements not set in stone but generally accepted in terms of comfort and usability. Some of these items and their measurements are as follows in alphabetical order:

Berth                                             6’2” x 2’2” (min.)

Cabinet Worktop Depth                24”

Cabinet Worktop Height               33”

Companionway                             24”+ wide but if very short on space 21” is minimum

Doorways                                      24” wide but 21” adequate if seldom used

Eye Height Sitting                         38”

Eye Height Standing                     69”

Hatch Openings                           14” x 18” (min.) but 18” x 18” is preferable

Helm                                             11” from bottom of steering wheel to seat cushion

Helm                                             25” from center of steering wheel to backrest

Seat Depth                                   16”-18”

Seat Height                                  18”

Seat Slope                                    5 to 7 degrees fore to aft

Sitting Headroom                          35”

Table Size (for 4 people)              39” x 30”

Toilet Room (Head)                      27” x 27” x 51” height (minimum)


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  1. Brenda says:

    I found a set of blue prints for a boat by Glen L. The # is 58, # opc 654. Can you tell me anything about these prints? The have a yellowish tint to the paper drawen on, than you.

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