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Australian Barrelback-19 build – Part 2

On April 2, 2012, in Glen-L Styles, by Justin Schooneman

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December 2011
Collected some more important photos that my Mum had found. Some B&W prints showing the original boat launch, as well as another colour print showing the framing stage of the Gunyah build.

…..even found a picture with yours truely hidden in the background……

This month I’ve ordered the Barrelback-19 fastener kit, specific to the build. Contains nails and screws of various sizes as per the fastening schedule.

January 2012
Received the fasteners for the project from Glen-L. Selection of nails and screws of various sizes.

Transferred all frame outlines to set up board in individual colours for each of the frames plus the transom.

February 2012
Collected timber from the supplier. Lengths to be used in the setting out of frames #1, #2 and partial members for frames #3 and #4. Transferred full sized frame member patterns to timber sections. Commenced cutting out frames with jigsaw, finer shaping to be done with hand planes. The first two frames completed.

One section has bowed significantly after being cut, but I’m hoping steaming will straighten it out.

March 2012
Collected 12mm marine grade plywood. Two half sheets. Made up gusset templates for all 6 frames, and laid out full set for each frame. Total of 24 gusset pieces altogether. Cut out each of the 24 gussets individually, and hand planed the straight edges ready for glue up and assembly. Outer edges will be faired to match after glue up is completed. Made up patterns for floor timbers, frames #6 & #7.


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  1. Gav says:

    Looking really good mate. I think most people would ‘keel’ over if they realised the ‘shed constraints’ you are working with! Very impressive, Gav.

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