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Outboard Comparison

On June 14, 2018, in Builder Blogs, Outboard Powered, by WalterH

I’m wrapping up the research stage prior to beginning my Malahini build.  My concerns included the size and make of the outboard motor I’ll use, some motor installation issues, and some other design questions.  So I went to the Houston Boat show to get some information.

Outboard decision

I compared the size, weight, horsepower, and cost of several outboards. That led me to decide to use a new Mercury 60 hp four stroke motor.  The 60 hp is 112 pounds lighter than the 90 hp, which I had originally considered, and it costs about $1,800.00 less. That is about the cost of the controls, wiring harness, smart gauges, and a stainless steel prop.

I met the local Mercury outboard dealer, who gave me the data I’ll need to fabricate the transom with the proper cut-out depth and width.

Design decisions

Walking around the show, I saw a variety of techniques used to rig outboard control, wiring harness, and fuel lines through the side of the outboard well.  I now know what technique I’ll use.

I also saw how different models of GPS/depth finders are mounted in boat dashboards, as well as a variety of gauge display designs. This helped me make some final dashboard design decisions.


The Houston Boat Show was a great place to learn about local vendors, technical information, and design options. Based on the information I learned, I’m ready to get started.

Your Thoughts?

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  1. John Platou says:


    Helping a guy in Clear lake with a 8 ft Minimost.

  2. john platou says:

    Walter I live in northeast Houston, be happy to help you anyway I can. I built my first boat at 13, in the 12 years I have built 3 or 4 a year, all small. I have an extensive knowledge of outboards and rigging. My cell is 832 473 8928 and email

  3. I built a malahini finished October 2016. Great boat. Did a lot of research on new motors. The Yamaha f70 is an unbelievably great motor for the boat. Great power to weight ratio at 253 lbs. 4 stroke starts always instantly without priming. I hit 37mph at 6300rpm. I can plane out with 6 full sized adults. At 4000rpm I get 9mpg. Reliable motor. I have 15inch aluminum prop. My boat isn’t light either. Extra woodwork instead and deck. 13g tank under back just in front of motorwell next to battery.

  4. George Simousek says:

    I’m considering a first build of a Scrambler. If anyone has any tips for me I’d appreciate hearing them. I was also curious if anyone has built that design and has used a small outboard of 15hp? I will be pan fishing smaller waters and don’t have a need for speed, but don’t want to languish either. Any input will be valuable.
    Thanks George Simousek

  5. WalterH says:

    That’s great news, Roger. This will be my third boat build, but the first two were not Glen-L designs. The Malahini will be the largest so far. Where will you be in Texas? We are south of Houston in League City. I hope we can connect when you get down here.

  6. Roger Walling says:

    Have built one Glen L boat when I was in college and am looking forward to building another one.

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