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Ogden, Utah

Jubilee House Boat Spec’s

My plans come from Glen-L Marine


Length overall 29′-0″
Modified Length overall 40′
Length waterline 26′-3″
Beam 10′-2″
Modified beam 14′

…Hull draft (with skeg) 14″
Hull weight 2100 lbs.
Displacement 7310 lbs
Height overall 10′-0″

Headroom 6′-3″ to 6′-7″
Freeboard 3′-6″
Fuel capacity 100 gals.
Fresh water capacity 50 gals.
Sleeping accommodations 6

* Hull type: Garvey hull with considerable dead-rise forward, developed for sheet plywood planking.

* Power: Single or twin long shaft outboard motors, or stern mounted inboard out drive units. Total engine weight not to exceed 850 lbs.

This is a cabin mod I am thinking about doing to my jubilee

This is a cabin mod I am thinking about doing to my jubilee

I am in the drawing state of my build Of the Delta q House boat Glen-L design I have modification to upper deck areas and I am increasing the size of the boat by 10%.

boat was going to build it but didn’t like how it was framed
the frames are lighter and has less room than the Jubilee
After thinking it over we decided to build the Jubilee. We will have to make the beam smaller to conform to Utah state laws to make it trailer able.
We ordered the study planes and deemed them not usable to build the boat they are missing measurements needed to do the building even so they do have allot of information but not directly related on building the boat so the full prints will be required to build it.

June 2010

On arriving in Ohio found out I had a lot of hardwood available to start building my boat that I have been drying out the lumber for about 10 years so the trip even though it was made on a sad note has turned out with some good to it. We will be bringing the wood and some of my equipment to Utah when we return.
We have the wood now sitting in Utah waiting to start building our trip ended up costing us more than we planed do to repairs we had to do so we are delayed until cash flow is better.
Started looking for place to build again have good prospect now hope it works out.

Ordered the blue print for the Jubilee from Glen-l at a cost a little over 200.00 with shipping still looking for the perfect place to build.

spent last 2 days setting up a wood shop at my mother in-laws picked up a couple of pretty good shop equipment and got them set up and tied out, ordered in my epoxy when it arrives I will start building the bulk heads/frames will post some new pic’s then.

Ok shop is up and running all the wood has been planed and ready to be laminated together to make correct size of material. Talked to the right people today and found out i will be able to build the boat with out changing the plans. UN-permitted you are only allowed to have a 8’6″ wide trailer with permit you can go as large as 14′ 6 ” in the state of Utah

Start of the Jubilee Build

The plans seem to be pretty straight forward and pretty easy to read with full size patterns with plans. It will be a long term project.  Normally this boat would not be a trailer able houseboat but this one will be. I found out in the state I live in a yearly permit allows it to be transported. I am using air dried seasoned lumber that I cut myself from my own trees. I am using Hickory for the frames with being the wood that is available it is hard heavy and strong but not used in boat building often. but should be ok I will be encapsulating it with epoxy and fiberglass cloth. At this point in my build I am working on the bulkheads these are built up using scarfing and laminating shorter pieces together the reason for doing this due to the size of lumber I have I must make smaller pieces thicker and longer but in doing so I do gain some weight but due gain resistance to warping and gain some strength.

Got Some Work Done Over Summer

I started the build over the summer but put a hold on it for the winter. some pics to show the build

dragging 16 foot hickory boards that I had seasoning for 10 year out of the barn – jun 2010

cutting ruff ends off cutting to smaller lengths to transport

the results of all the cutting I did

July 12, 2010 at 6:37am ·

The wood I brought from Ohio is stored for now still looking for a place to build the boat but now gathering and cleaning tools that have been gathering dust and rust from the damp humidity in Ohio

July 14, 2010 at 1:26pm

Just ordered the blue prints for the Jubilee from Glen-l at a cost of around 200.00 with shipping·

my cheap thickness planer but it does a better job than the industrial I used in collage go figure

July 18, 2010 at 12:25am

My prints came in for my house boat and went out and bought a new thickness planer to use on the build also have line on a table saw it’s heck replacing equipment

July 20, 2010 at 8:06pm

spent last two days setting up a wood shop a mother in-laws just ordered in materials from to start building the bulkheads

July 27, 2010 at 6:18pm

Started planing my wood of my frames my epoxy came in and have been gathering construction material

making smaller pieces into bigger pieces then planing them down to thickness

cutout one of the bottom pieces from what I had epoxied together and laid out another to be cut I have one more at this size to make then I go to making a smaller curved one that goes in the bow area then it the pieces for the transom

August 17, 2010 at 3:39pm

Started building the boat but it is a long process, I also picked up our towing vehicle a 1968 ford f350 with a 390 v-8 with 5th wheel and tow kit and the trailer breaking system.

tow truck 1 ton f350 with 390 4 speed duel wheel

Progress is slow going due to lumber size, I have to epoxy up small pieces to larger sizes from my lumber I brought back from Ohio is only 5′ long and it needs to be over 7 foot so I am doing this by using Scarf Joints and staggering the joints on the lame beams I am making

August 28, 2010 at 9:43am

Well the towing trucks clutch cost more to fix than it did to buy it doing the prep work on it to get it to pass safety inspection

This will make one bottom piece for bulkhead unfortunately I didn’t have any material large enough to build out of one piece

This is the bottom piece to one of the bulkhead/frames

epoxying up a beam to be used at bottom of bulkhead frame- Aug 2010

October 2, 2010 at 11:18pm

Finished cutting out 4 of the five bottom frame/bulkhead pieces are pretty much the same in dimensions. I am in the process of truing them up so there are no drips or ridges in them. I am using a belt sander to do this with and a straight edge making sure the dimensions are the same to all of them. I clamped them together so when I do one the others get done as well

Truing up the bottom pieces using route, plane and belt sander notice the straight edge to make sure everything is true

October 7, 2010 at 4:15pm

I epoxied up 2 more piece to make the last frame/bulkhead this one is smaller the the others and has more curve to it as it is the point the angles change to go up into the bow of the boat

Making a dent in my lumber pile

February 14 at 1:43pm

Warm day today went to shop to see what I could do and I figured out I can’t do much until I make smaller pieces into bigger ones or go get more materials so things put on hold for now

Ran into Problems

Sunday Feb 20 2011

I put a hold on the boat for the winter, since then our fiances have went bye bye. We are working on fixing this problem but we are dealing with the Government……Wish us luck

Have had sell the truck I bought In August 17, 2010 up for sell to pay some bills

April 26 2012

Still working on getting finance and shop. Getting closer to that end in the mean time I’ve been studying there is allot of systems in this build that need to be learned. I have pretty much decided to go stern drive as downer boats are pretty cheap in my area of the world. The thing is finding a good one and the right size with what I want in add on’s. I have just bought and have been studying Inboard Motor Installations by Glen L. Witt

Saturday Feb 6 2013

In August of 2012 my money problems ended. I started the purchasing of the property to build the Jubilee Lowka53 build site
The location is large enough to build a shop on to restart the build. but we have to wait for mother nature to play nice with over 2 foot of snow on ground and more on the way we have to wait still spring to build the shop. In the mean time I continue with research and post some of my findings along with this build on my web page I am also look at information for a western gather of builders at Lake Powell shoot for 2014

Monday May 5 2014
I purchased property last May with enough room to build the shop to build the Jubilee in. I am in the process getting all the permits needed to start the remodel to add the shop. Heavens forbid more red tape to get through. I am in the process of setting up a temporary covered area to finish building the frames and other pieces. I just ordered a trolling motor for the Mr John that will be complete this year I will use the same build area to complete it before working on the frames for the Jubilee. when I get things for the Mr John on the work table to assemble it I will set up a build section on it. The house above was not bought  I found a better location before I closed on that house

shop location

This is the area the shop is to be built we had to take down a old shed for the space. my hot tub ( the tarp covered item)  has to be moved from where it is now in back ground

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