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Welcome all to my latest installment in the building of a Hankinson design Barrelback 19……….

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April 2012
April has seen the completion of the majority of the frames. I decided to remake the worst of the two sections that were warped, but there’s still one frame that’s bugging me because it isn’t perfectly straight. Everyone from the forum seems to think I’ll be able to bend it straight again once it’s attached to the motor stringers.


May 2012
May has seen the development of the building form, and the completion of the transom inner framing and all but one remaining frame. Frame #6 is 75% completed, but it appears I failed to order just ONE piece of timber in my monthly order to complete the remaining two frame sections! It will have to wait until next month…..

Seeing the form together and mounted on its wheels, was too much of a temptation NOT to lay most of the frames out on some scrap wood……’s sort of a boat shape!


Until next time………..



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3 Responses to Australian Barrelback-19 Build – Part 3

  1. Chris Sharpley says:

    Just starting my build of a 20’ barrelback from Glen-L. Any updates? By the by, heading to Australia for a few weeks in September 2020…

    Thanks for sharing.

  2. troopy11 says:

    G’day Justin, I’m looking at building one myself and was wondering if you know of anyone in melbourne building one as I would love to have a chat and possibly a look???

  3. Looking good Justin! Thanks for keeping us updated. The Forum guys are right–you’ll have a lot of pressure from the longitudinals to bring your frames true. I do understand the desire for perfection though–just don’t let it be the enemy of “good enough”! Keep up the good work!

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