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RicksRig, Bullseye with SelfBailer??

On June 12, 2012, in Builder Blogs, by RicksRig

Launched my BullsEye last September and have had quite a few sailing trips on Birch Bay this winter & spring.  Really enjoying getting back to dinghy sailing.  So responsive.  But most of the rides are quite wet!  Finding it very easy to get water coming in over the side in just 12-15 knots wind.  And then its very difficult to get the water out, not having the skill to handle a bailing bucket with my foot.  (Both arms very busy with tiller and mainsheet).  However, the Bullseye still can sail quite nicely even half full of water.  So, I’m considering installing one (or two) Elvtrom/Andersen self bailers.

I had one in my Fireball (first boat I built 45 years ago), and it worked quite well.  But the Fireball was much faster than the Bullseye.

Also concerned about it leaking.  Besides daysailing jollies on the bay, the Bullseye’s second function is to be our faithful yacht tender for the big sailboat.  Do not want to find the Bullseye full of water every morning, or even full of water after leaving at a dingy dock for a couple of hours…

Can anyone share their experience with this situation?

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2 Responses to RicksRig, Bullseye with SelfBailer??

  1. Rick Whitaker says:

    It’s possible to sail the Bull’s=Eye and not get any water over the side (in <10K breeze).., but it gets boring….Saling in 12-15KT you can get the boat moving quite smartly, but you have to react to gusts very quickly or the gunwhale wants to submerge with only ablout 30 degrees heel. Can't bail, steer and handle mainsheet w/only 2 arms!

    I've ordered a self-bailer that bloggers claim works quite well on less-than-one-design planing speedsters. Its a Seasure Super Sucker. Also getting a tiller extension, since cannot hike out full extent without dropping the tiller. Ordered direct from an UK sailing store, at big savings. Hope to get the gear installed while there are still good windy afternoons on Birch Bay! Having a great time with the little sailboat……Glen-L Rocks!

  2. Rick, we built the Bull’s-Eye here and I don’t recall having that problem. I assume the water is coming over the side when you’re heeling? You might want to ease up…

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