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Side Planking Complete

On June 21, 2012, in Glen-L Styles, by areame

NOTE: See areame’s earlier blog post about building a Glen-L Squirt in Grand Haven, Michigan here.

I have epoxied and screwed both side panels into place. I then sanded down any exposed screws and covered them with a mahogany filler, which was also sanded down after it had hardened. I had a little extra space at the bow where the plywood meets the stem but I was able to fill that with the mahogany filler also. I then leveled the plywood with the frames and made the transition joint for the bottom plywood to fit. Check out my blog ( as I will just be updating this every few weeks.

The first picture shows the contrast between the sanded down filler (left) and the filler that still needs to be sanded (right). It also shows the filler I used in the small space between plywood pieces at the stem. The second picture shows the filler sanded smooth and the bottom planking pieces cut out. The two near the transom are ready to be screwed and epoxied but the front two need to be trimmed still.


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