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Amigo by Mark Lemahieu, Oostburg, Wisconsin

Update May 8, 2020 - I am sending you another picture of the Amigo I built. It’s been a great boat and I’ve sailed all over Lake Michigan in all weather. I’m retiring this year and plan to expand beyond Lake Michigan. Update September 2012 Your plans for the Amigo are remarkable. If I had questions, I just needed to keep reading and the answers were there. Very complete and accurate. The boat is fair and sails well. I launched her September 1, 2012. Incidentally, I see that the article \"Pour Your Own Keel\" for \"Boatbuilder\" Magazine is on your websight. THANKS!!!!!!!!! Update August 2012 Just need to attach hardware. Expect to launch in a couple weeks. Will send better pics later. Started this Amigo August of 1998.

Amigo by James Brennan

Amigo by James Brennan April 29, 2008 This lovely Amigo was built in 2006 by Francis Kerrivan in Dunville, Newfoundland, Canada. She was built from local spruce for the strip planking and juniper for the frames and rub rails and then glassed over. She is a sweet sailer and stole my heart, though I already owned a bigger boat. She is bare bones hull and rigging with sails and a little paint and paneling inside; I think I still have a few years to complete the bells and whistles but she is sailable now. Am presently installing a 7hp diesel and will inform you how this pans out. The boat will be sailed in Placentia Bay and the south coast of Newfoundland. If anyone has sailed these little cruisers offshore I would be glad to hear from you

Amigo - FG by Leo Lobo,  Nagali Hills Colony, Dona Paula, Goa, India

March 19, 2008 Hello Gayle, here I am again ... Sending pics of the female mould and will send one of the hull once we release it from the mould. Planning to mould the cabin in place before removing the female. Its getting real exciting now. Maybe I\'ll make two or three Amigos for a sailing club I\'m planing - will keep you updated. My AMIGO is coming up fast; the fibreglass hull is almost ready, fitting out the engine details now. Thanks and regards, Leo

Amigo by Franklin Paine,  Brier, Washington

Amigo by Franklin Paine, Brier, Washington 24 September 2009 I think it has been more than fifteen years. There have been many stops and starts, some being years, but we finally made it.

Amigo by David Hurst

December 14, 2006 Hello There; I recently aquired this Amigo and thought you all might be interested it these photograghs. This is the first time it has been taken out of the water via trailer. It always used a travel-lift previously. So it is also the first time that the mast was removed. This is of special interest, due to the fact that this is the boat pictured on a web page link of yours. It is the boat built by Hal Pynn in Ontario, Canada. I hope that you find it interesting. Thank You for the time, David Hurst

Amigo by Butch Lapetz, Athens, Georgia

Update: October 2016 I have been really busy restoring my Glen-L Amigo (among other things) and will add photos in the coming weeks. I do plan to have her in the water (hopefully) in December 2016 somewhere on the South Carolina/Georgia coast and plan to do extensive cruising with my wife Lea and our Karelian Bear Dog Rumi. Subject: Re: Amigo Navy NCIS Date: Sat, 28 Feb 2004 Barry, I\\\\\\\'m sending you pictures (e-pictures of photographs, excuse the poor quality) of my Amigo Sailboat. This boat (in my opinion, off course) is very attractive. It is strip-planked with western cedar, epoxy sealed inside and out. Thought you, and also Mark Harmon might be interested. I didn\\\\\\\'t build this boat. The builder is Bill Stevens of Conn. It was built in 1990. I bought the boat. It is in my backyard for repairs. The deck is being replaced and a few other things repaired. Stan Butch Lapetz NCIS

Amigo by Mark Matthews,  Glenhuntly, Melbourne, Australia

Date: 10-02-03 Hello there, ...I am sending you a photo to see the stage it (Amigo) is at. cheers Mark Matthews


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