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Barrelback by Randy Weflen,  Victoria, BC Canada

April 24, 2020 - Thank you so much for this experience.. your plans were a dream to work with and this barrelback 20 has amazing lines! I will be looking at starting another Glen-L as soon as upholstery and the rest of the trim goes on.

Barrelback 19 by Joakim Funhammar, Stokholm, Sweden

Updated 20 May 2013 April 2013

Barrelback by Greg Roy

\"Bootlegger\" Hankinson 19\'6\" Barrelback by Greg Roy Some \"Kiwi\" inventions include:

Barrelback by Don Baker, Yulee, Florida

12 January 2010 My Barrelback built in 2008.

Barrelback by Ron Hoag

14 December 2007 The attached pictures are from the start of the project to the present. I will send more pictures as I progress. I am now 2 months into the project and spent about 3 to 4 hours a day, to date 191 hours. I am retired and made a deal with my wife to do household chores in the morning and the boat project in the afternoon. It is working! Ron Hoag

Barrelback by Justin Schooneman, Melbourne, Australia

Images documenting the Barrelback-19 build being undertaken by myself and my Father in Melbourne Australia. The project was begun at the end of 2011 and we\'re aiming on a twelve month time schedule, finishing at the end of 2012.

Barrelback by Leo Eimers, Almere, The Netherlands

Pictures of the Barrelback I am building. 2nd Update November 2013 Update November 2013 June 2013

Barrelback 19 by Ben Brayshaw, Geelong, Australia

November 2013 Thank you for the great plans. I have attached a picture of my boat so far and would like to re-iterate how much fun I have had building it so far.

Barrelback by David Pearce, Portugal

Photos sent in September, 2018

Barrelback 19 by Richard Salvatore, Ballston Spa, New York

February 2015 Barrelback finished in 22 months. Designed a hardtop that hinges in the back for entry. Powered by an original 95 HP Hercules k block. Will send more pictures and comments in the near future . --- Doc Salvatore.

Barrelback 20 by Robert McLean, Wayne, Nebraska

August 2015 My Parents took me for a ride on a wooden boat in Michigan in 1958. That planted the seed for this 2008 project. As you can see once the seed is planted I jump right in. :-) A little over five years from start to finish. The following is a brief photo journal of the birth of \"Hot Mahogany.\"

Barrelback 19 by Gary Schoenfeldt - Sagle, Idaho

Click here for Gary\'s PDF booklet of building his Barrelback added August 2015 New Photos Added February 2013 June 2012 This Barrelback 19 is built from plans by Ken Hankinson, who got his start with Glen-L and since his retirement Glen-L is the only source for Ken\'s plans. I started the project in 2002. Due to work responsibilities and having to build it in an outside shelter which did not allow work to proceed in the winter in Olympia, Washington it has taken me 10 years to complete it. In 2009 I retired and moved the boat to our new home in Sagle, Idaho. Since then I\'ve been able to put more time into completing it. As soon as the water level in Lake Pend Oreille is raised to its normal summer level I will be launching. Ken Hankinson\'s plans were great and easy to follow. I\'m very happy with the way it turned out. I have two things to complete before launching; I will be painting the name \"Miss Cilla\" on the transom and adding a few more coats of varnish on the sides of the hull.

Barrelback by Daniel Holmes, Fairport, New York

Updated July 24, 2016 July 2012 Showing each step in the building process. I'm trying to take enough pictures to show anyone that is thinking about building the Barrelback how I went about doing so.

Barrelback built by Tom East, Clovis, CA

January 2019 - Well, after 4 years, here are a few pictures of my build. Thanks for the great experience.

Barrelback by Jim Neeley, Citrus Heights, CA

October 30, 2019

Barrelback 20 by Greg Walters, Johannesburg, South Africa

February, 2016I built this boat due to a life long desire to own a wooden classic.


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