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Belle Isle by Douglas Fedt, Watertown, SD

May, 2020 - I am attaching some pictures of my Belle Isle build during this stay at home time. She will be named "Aleesa Jo" after my daughter who is a Pediatric Resident Physician. She helps when ever she is home.

Belle Isle by Dean Berry, Phoenix, Arizona

18 April 2014 I finished my Belle Isle in February 2014. Powered with a LS1 engine with Callies 383 stroker kit. What a great boat! I get so many people looking and asking questions. Thanks, Glen-L.

Belle Isle by Bill Cunningham, Gilford, New Hampshire

Update July 2013 3 Photos added. 13 November 2009 We had some above normal New Hampshire November weather on Lake Winnipesaukee over the weekend. Launched the Belle Isle \"Glory Days\" and went out to dinner and the last cruise of the season; took some movie clips and pictures so I could have some pictures to get me through the winter. EDITOR\'S NOTE: See Bill\'s Story and Construction Photos in Glen-L WebLetter 114

Belle Isle by Jeremy Goldstein, Sandusky, Ohio

Updated April 2013 13 November, 2009 During the past year I really had not put any time into the Belle Isle. About a month ago we decided to work on it full time to completion at this point. As I had mentioned last year I purchased the started project from a gentleman in Cleveland, Ohio who had begun the build at his house. Unfortunately the quality of his joinery was poor. This left us no choice but to replace all the battens, shear clamp, stem, knee, and rework the transom frame work along with cleaning and scraping all of the globs of random epoxy stuck to the frame work. This week we have begun planking the boat up.

Belle Isle by Dick Williams, Sewickley, Pennsylvania

Update 5 October 2012 Successfully launched today with the help of Jack Greaf and Will Harbison…. Champagne is flowing! 5 years in building almost to the day…. And lots of fun along the way…… She performed beautifully! 29 May 2008 I have been hard at work on my Belle Isle since about October of last year and my frame is nearly complete. In the next couple of months I will be starting my cold molding. I am really enjoying this building process. I have to disassemble and move this beast outside in the spring. Yikes!

Belle Isle \"Papajoe\" by Steve Pasquino, Niagra Falls, Ontario, Canada

Update August 2012 Here is the Belle Isle i built in 2010, shortened it to 22 feet. I get a kick out of people asking what year it is and the look on their face when i say its a 2010...made her look a little like the older boats from the 40s and 50s. I came across rechromed Shepard parts and used them on \"Papajoe.\" I named her after my dad. He was a member of the Devil\'s Brigade and was a veteren in the 2nd world war.

Belle Isle by Bob Brown

Updated March 2020 Since building a sled boat with my dad back in the early 70's, I've wanted to build another. A good friend, Norm Galvin, took my son, Lee, and me to the Sierra Boat Company on our way to a hike at Lake Tahoe in 2009. We all loved the Chris Craft and Gar Wood mahogany runabouts there. From that, research led me to Glen-L and, for my birthday in May 2010, my family gave me plans for the Belle Isle, designed by Ken Hankinson. One unique aspect of my build is that the frames, chines, sheers, and battens are all made from Port Orford cedar from trees in our backyard. The trees died a few years ago and I had them cut into lumber, hoping to use them to build a boat. The build started on Saturday October 16, 2010. And the project goes on ... NOTE: See Bob's Story in WebLetter 126 and for all his photos and notes see his Facebook Photo Journal.


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