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Bo-Jest by Patrick McCorkle, Bremerton Washington

December 7, 2020 - Add more photos of construction. April 24, 2020 - Started building frames for my Bo-Jest. I look forward to any time that I get to spend on building this boat. It continues to be a very rewarding and challenging experience. Thanks to all who shared their Bo-Jest pictures and narratives. They have been a great reference tool for progressing my project.

Bo-Jest by Jack Flipse

Dear Glen, Many thanks for you guidance... I had fun building Miz Martha (better than therapy) and found your plans and patterns to be excellent. I bought a 15 hp 4 stroke Mercury OB in \'01 because I needed to dimension the well and your people said they \"have no plans for a well\", even though several show in your catalog. My well, fits like a glove, but was short on elbow room for the steering linkage. A 1\" x 2\" hole well above the 2nd transom solved that problem. You\'re welcome to use the photos if you wish. Thanks again. Cordially, Jack Flipse

Bo Jest by Jim Hopkings , Canada

Subject: Re: Bo-Jest Date: 10-22-02 Hi Barry, Not finished yet. Shop time has been hard to come by lately and I guess I am not nearly as quick as I was 50 years ago. I am just ready to set the engine in place. (a 1954 Buchanan) after spending some time rebuilding it and fitting an alternator. \"TUGGER\" is much admired by my friends and neighbours. They all are very impatient and don\'t understand that most of the fun for me is in the building. I stretched the length 10% causing many little adjustments and much pondering. Anyhow, I hope to move her outside next spring and finish the tall parts during the summer. The last photos I have are from turn over time. I will send a couple. Jim Hopkings

Bo-Jest by Otis G. Gifford, Winter Park, FL

December 22, 1999 Attn: Webmaster Enclosed are photos and drawings of Bo-Jest, modified as discussed with Glen-L\'s naval architect. The changes include extending the transom as a curved stern, rounded corners, and use of outboard in an enclosed well. Will use a 25hp Mercury \"Big Foot\" 4-cycle. Other modifications shown are elimination of self-bailing floor aft, and addition of a wash basin portside of companionway. Other modifications may include shore power with A.C. and awning over cockpit. Boat is now glassed in epoxy and sanded, ready for finishing and turning over. Will keep you posted. Otis G. Gifford Winter Park, FL

Bo Jest by Mark Jones , Lewiston, Idaho

8-4-03 My name is Mark Jones and I am building a BoJest in Lewiston, Idaho (Northern Idaho). This boat is being built as an open crabbing/fishing boat and will be powered by a 1960\'s IHC self-contained power unit, dry-stack fashion. Operations commenced June 21, 2003. Progress as of 8/4/03: Boat is completely framed and stem, keel, chinelogs, sheerlogs installed. Fairing to begin witin five days. I am submitting photos with this email (attached). I appreciate that the staff of Glen-L is just a phone call away. Sincerely, Mark Jones

Bo Jest by Bob Ellis

Sept. 24, 1999 To: Glen, Gayle, & Barry Subject: Bo-Jest Enclosed find a few pictures of my latest \"Glen-L\" project. The notes on the back are kind of a story book of progress, success & problems. A little history with Glen-L: My first was the Pee Wee in 1970, I still have it. Started the Escapade, never finished it, too much boat, too little money. Then (3) Eight Balls, the Sweet Caroline, and now the Bo-Jest. You can\'t believe the number of calls I receive about the Caroline and Bo-Jest; both phone and internet. It\'s fun, I\'m retired, I think I enjoy building more than boating. I\'m a snow bird now, in fact, I\'m the bearded guy that stopped by your place on Monday 9/20(99). Thanks for all the boat building projects I\'ve done over the last 30 years. Sincerely, Bob Ellis

Bo Jest by Earl Boissonou, Corvallis, Oregon

October 2016 The boat name is partly a tribute to our wonderful Labrador retriever Petra, who during her 16 hears was a devoted pet and family member; and recognition of Dr. Bruce Thomson for his help with the early part of building the Bo Jest. The print (partial view) is the logo I came up with for "Dr. Petra" and has since been revised so the ear and stethoscope are in proper relation to one another.

Bo-Jest by Thomas Walli , Innsbruck, Austria

Subject: Bo-Jest Date: Sat, 14 Aug 2004 Shipbuilding Registry: BOJEST Europa Began 2.8.04- Converted your design to European measurements on CAD and sawed all frames out on a flatbed computeriezed machine with only 4 sheets of 1250x2500 AW100 Bruyncell Okume Plywood 25mm. All stringers sawn out of Tyrolean Mountain Larch and planking begins next week with 10mm Sapelli Mahaghoni Plywood. Hope to do good job for a high gloss Mahoghoni finish. We will see, we are beginners with this stuff. A special European goal is to keep it light. We have special rules for driver licenses to carry trailers behind an normal car. Maximum load for both is 3,5 tons! So the boat can\'t be more than 1000kg. Try to solve problem with Mahoghoni foam pannels for the deck and Pilothouse and light engine; a Spanish Sole Diesel 3 Cyl 16 HP with only 180 kg all included with keelcooling and dry exhaust for easy winteriezing on the trailer. We will keep you guys informed and hope to send you soon more fotos of \"MINERVA\" (the Greek goddess of luck). yours, Thomas Walli Toms Boatshop A-6020 Innsbruck-AUSTRIA

Bo-Jest by Rick Klemm

Bo Jest By Doug Wolven, Whittier, California

Update January 2013

Bo Jest by Tom Smitherman, Montevallo, Alabama

Began construction of my Glen-L Bo Jest on May 4, 2008. Photos updated April 12, 2012. We christened her the "Knot-So-Fast".

Bo Jest by Bill McComb, Davidson, North Carolina

Updated May 2013 The Bo-Jest Mini Tug, \"Li\'l McTug\", was begun in the summer of 2009 by Bill McComb of Davidson, North Carolina (approx. 1/2 hour North of Charlotte) and completed in the Fall of 2012. A trailered vessel, her \"port-of-call\" will be beautiful Lake Norman, N.C. A special Thank you to the following who have provided very valuable advice, expertise, and support during the Bo-Jest Build. - Tom Smitherman of Montevallo, Alabama - Billy Talley of Tally\'s Pier 77 Marine in Cornelius, North Carolina - Chris Talley of Tally\'s Pier 77 Marine in Cornelius, North Carolina - Fred Wright, Marine Surveyor, Charlotte, North Carolina - Coach Jim Means, Mooresville, North Carolina - Tim Hopper, Tooling/Maintenance Manager, Curtis Screw Co., LLC, Davidson, North Carolina - Bill Tatum, Mechanical Engineer, Davidson, North Carolina - Cap\'t. Sam McKinney, St. Cloud, Florida - Jared and Laura Nottingham, Davidson, North Carolina - Cap\'t. Anthony James - Seatow, Cornelius, North Carolina - The Folks at West Marine, Cornelius, North Carolina - And last but not least, Glen, Gayle, and John, of Glen-L Designs, Bellflower, California

Bo Jest by Sam Marfat, Ugljan, Croatia

November 2013 Sam Marfat from Croatia here. Finalized my boat project about 16 months ago and finally getting to sending you some pics. Please note: I am the most disorganized person so all photos are just dumped in there The project was started in Florida in 2010, precut, encapsulated and mock fitted, then disassembled, shipped across the ocean and permanently assembled here. Date stamp on some pics (2003) is wrong, should be 2010 (photographer goof). That portion was done in Florida. Date stamp of 2012 is correct and done in Croatia. Island Girl will be great longevity review candidate since she is in the water year around. I am confident it will outlast majority of other boats since only marine grade materials were used and is well encapsulated. So far she is holding up great. Building her gave me a lot of satisfaction but I love using her just as much. So far in 16 months I ran up 1220 hours on the hourmeter (not counting endless hours drift fishing or at anchor with the engine off). She exceeded my expectations in every respect, simply put I love her.. Thanks for great boat design and awesome web site. Could not have done it without that. Croatia is beautiful, great destination to get some R & R...

Bo Jest by Michael J. Estes

Subject: a photo of my Bo-Jest Date: Wed, 28 Mar 2001 18:14:39 -0800 From: Michael J. Estes I\'m very nearly finished with the project. -only have one photo at this time but will send more as I get them. Mike Estes


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