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Glen-L has set the standard for boat plans for decades. All of our plans are intended for the amateur. It is not necessary that you have any experience with blueprints. Our plans are easy to read and easy to understand. You can find plans that sell for more but they frequently offer much less. It is unlikely that you will find plan packages as complete as ours at any price.

Why are Full Size Patterns so important?

Most novices do not realize that with many boat plans the builder must first “loft”, or actually redraw the lines of the hull to full size before he can even begin construction. Learning to loft from an often confusing list of dimensions (Table of Offsets) is a major project in itself. In addition, there are logistical problems in lofting, unless you happen to have a flat floor virtually as long as the boat for the layout. We at Glen-L decided many years ago that this process alone was enough to discourage most beginners, and set out to find a better way. The result was the Glen-L Full Size Pattern system of boat building. In short, we do the lofting, to save you time, effort, and to prevent errors. It has taken a lot of time and experimentation to develop our pattern methods, but if you have ever tried to build a boat the “old way”, we know you’ll feel it was worth the effort. Full size patterns are available for every Glen-L design. As the originator of the pattern systems, we have perfected the methods necessary to insure absolute accuracy so that your Glen-L design can be duplicated just as the designer intended.

Cabin Patterns

Full size CABIN PATTERNS are available on selected designs. While all designs with cabins have the necessary information and dimensions to build the cabin, the use of CABIN PATTERNS speeds up and simplifies the layout procedure. These patterns are transferred to the wood using the same procedure as used for Full Size Patterns.

If CABIN PATTERNS are not available for the design you are building, it is probably because the nature of the cabin structure is so basic that patterns do not offer much benefit.

Cabin Plans

Several boats have been designed without cabins and CABIN PLANS have later been added in response to builder requests. These plans contain all of the information and dimensions to build the cabin, including instructions. In many cases, the plans will be adaptable to several designs or offer cabin options for a single design. See the description on the design page for specific information.

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