Electric Powered

Electric Powered Barrelback

On November 21, 2014, in Cold Molded Construction, Electric Powered, Inboard Powered, by Gayle Brantuk

It’s quite something when someone takes one of our designs and not only builds a beautiful boat, but a wonderfully innovative one as well.     Steven Shovoly of Edison Marine has produced an amazing version of our 19′ Barrelback design using twin Electric motors for power. Bob Fagliano and “The Core IV, Inc” installed all […]

The Story of the A.T.Frog


This is the story of the A.T.Frog as recounted by boatbuilder Pete Carpenter of Payson, Arizona. The Frog began life in November of 1995 as Glen-L Dinky #001 of the Santa Cruz River Boatworks in Tucson, Arizona. A person familiar with the Santa Cruz river in Tucson will tell you that the river is dry […]

Glen-L Lo Volt — AYE DOCK–Winter Park, FL

On August 21, 2012, in Electric Powered, Glen-L Styles, Stitch and Glue Construction, by BobWillson

The boat building  project started  June 10, 2011 when my wife wanted a real neat boat to enjoy with friends that wasn’t noisy.  She fell in love with older shaft design of the Lo Volt.  How was I to know that I was to start a build that few had ever built before.  So the fun and adventure began. Table […]

Glen-L Boatbuilder Enjoys “Aqua Therapy”


Note: This article first appeared in “The Commoner”, the official publication of Canda’s House of Commons. At The Commoner, we love to share stories that showcase what our colleagues do in their spare time — which is why we are thrilled to share this story about the unique hobby of House of Commons Master Cabinetmaker and […]