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Chinook by Charles Reap, Arlington, Virginia

Updated January 2017 - After a tad over 1 1/2 years, my Chinook, "Hours and Ours" is about ready to launch! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!!! Updated June 2016 January, 2016

Chinook by Ron C. Dawson, London, Ontario, Canada

Update April 2013 Update January 2013 Thanks for all the info. Don\'t think I will be building any more boats. I had never built one before but I started the \"Chinook\" when I was 74 years old in 2004 and put her in the water 6 years later when I was 80. (It was at my summer place so I could only put limited hours in each year). No one else laid a finger on it except to flip the hull. I did everything myself. The good ship \"FINALLY\" has given us a lot of pleasure since the launch at Lion\'s Head Ontario in 2010. Ron Update December 2011 Hi folks, Last year I sent you a photo of my partially completed plywood Chinook. Here is the completed picture. This is my first boat and took me 6 years of spare time to build so we named her the \"FINALLY\". Powered by a 115hp Yamaha she sits up on plane nicely and performs well. She has been in the waters of Georgian Bay for a year now and been on a few overnight trips. I was 75 when I started this project. You\'re never too old to start a labor of love. The only others to touch this boat in the building were 10 teenagers who turned the hull over onto the trailer so I could complete the cabin etc. Thought you might find this of interest. Best wishes of the season and keep up the great work you do. Ron C. Dawson, Pres.

Chinook by Barry Woodhouse

Chinook by Barry Woodhouse, Garden Grove, California 21 April 2010 It took me about 2 ½ years to build my boat, mostly on weekends. I\'ve had her on the water for about one and a half years now. She handles very good.


17 Responses to Chinook Design

  1. Dave Carter says:

    Just saw your post from 2013. Did you build your boat after and if so how did it turn out?

  2. Jim Roberts says:

    Hi Ron
    I guess this article was published some while ago. I am 70 and have purchased the Chinook plans. I live in Australia and have handyman type woodworking skills. Have you any advice please. I hope you are able to reply.
    Jim Roberts

  3. Dat says:

    I just purchased boat plans for this boat, any advise for the aluminum plans?

  4. Justin says:

    How does the 115hp do on this boat ?

  5. Everett says:

    how much do the plans for a 20 foot long by 8 foot 6 inch wide aluminium chinook cost

  6. Rod Hogg says:

    I have just completed building an aluminum Chinook (20.5 ft version) if anyone wants advice on this build I would be happy to provide them with my experiences during the 8 month build that I have just completed.

    • Ulrich Bircher says:

      I’m looking at the 19 ft. Chinook, aluminum const. I don’t think the plans come with any inside finish or wiring information, how did you deal with any of that? also controls,fuel system,
      window glass, interior finish, paint, also some questions on bottom and side plating pattern cutting , welding , would like to talk to you on the phone if possible .

    • Dat says:

      Hi Rod – just got my plans in the mail. I am really excited to start this process. I would appreciate it if you have some advise before I start the build. Thank

    • Chris says:

      Hi rod I’m thinking of building the aluminum Chinook also would love to hear about your build .
      Thx Chris

      • Dat says:

        Hey Chris – I’m half way building the frames, it would be good to connect with someone that is also in the process. Feel free to give me a call at 2014140531. Thanks Dat

  7. Charlie says:

    Will somebody that is or plans to build a Chinook please contact me ASAP?

    • Ron says:

      Charlie, I plan on getting plans for Chinook soon. Feel free to contact me if you would like to.


  8. Ron C. Dawson says:

    Hull has 3 coats of epoxy, 1 layer of fiberglass and 3 more coats of epoxy

    • Doug Squires says:

      Hi Ron,

      I live in Ottawa and plan on building a Chinook. Was hoping to start last fall but had to push it off so looking at starting this spring/summer.

      I purchased the study plans and am working on some cost estimates for materials. What type of wood did you use? did you purchase any supplies from Glen-L or locally?

      were there any issues with the build?


  9. ron couper says:

    please help: where Barry purchased the brackets for the boat cover? i cannot find anything like them in Australia …thanks Ron

  10. Brendan says:

    Did you fiberglass your boat at all?

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