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Coronado by Chuck Ranck, Gage, Oklahoma

Update 5 May 2013 Updated October 2012

Coronado by Francis Sansosti & son Rudy, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

22 March 2013 The cabin was built and designed by us. The boat was built in our hometown, Pittsburgh, Pa. The boat will be transported down to Florida within the next month or so, with the intentions of it being used for fishing. It has a Olds 455 with a Berkeley jet drive. Does about 30-35 mph... Thank You!


6 Responses to Coronado Design

  1. R says:

    I love the looks of this boat. I am reasonably competent with wood working but have never tried anything as difficult as this. Apx. how hard was it to build, total cost, less the motor and apx. how many man hrs. to complete. Also I have never worked with fiberglass.
    Thank you for a response,

  2. Fernando González Reyes says:

    Hi!! beutifull boats, do you have a Vessel yacth boat?

  3. MARK DOOLEY says:

    beautiful work!!!
    going to post on facebook for many to see….

  4. Frank Leary says:

    Awesome Job

  5. Uri Fischer says:

    My name is Uri Fisher.
    I admired the construction pictures.
    I have a question about pictures 3 and 4
    The white color in Figure 3 What is it?
    How did you get the result on Figure 4?
    Thank you.

    • Charles Ranck says:

      The white is System 3 epoxy fairing compound. The planking is 1/4″X4″ mahogany attached with System 3 epoxy adhesive, covered with fiber glass cloth and System 3 epoxy resin.

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