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Cracker Box built by Tom Moseley, owned by Bill Ellis

17 July 2018 - Built 1955-56 by Tom Moseley in Berkeley, CA. We purchased the boat from him in 1968 and have had many great years of use. It is 16' 4" long and has a cockpit forward of the engine, driven from the rear cockpit. Powered by a 1949 Oldsmobile. It has the curved transom! This is a plywood boat with a fiberglass coating. I'm currently repairing some stress cracks prior to new paint. Information is needed on current products and methods to do the job correctly.

Cracker Box by Ross Ireland, Danville, California

Updated May 2017 May 2012 I am very close to completing a modified Glen-L Cracker Box. I have enclosed a few photos.

Cracker Box by Fran Matera

Crackerbox by Fran Matera, Palm Harbor, Florida April 2, 2009 It took about 2 1/2 years to build, and was launched in 2007.

Cracker Box by Brian Toth

Cracker Box by Brian Toth, Grand Island, New York 23 July, 2009

Cracker Box by Ken Johnson , Coeur d\' Alene, ID

Aug 20, 2002 Glen L: Enclosed are a few pictures of the Cracker Box boat I just finished. It\'s 15\' and made to look like a gentleman\'s racer. Thought you would enjoy seeing the finished product. Thanks, Ken Johnson Coeur d\' Alene, ID

Crackerbox by Don Roney

Subject: Crackerbox Date: Tue, 31 Aug 1999 From: Don Roney Here is a picture of a boat built using partial plans of your crackerbox design. I built this boat over the winter of 1998-99. This boat has a 1967 Chevy 283 V8 engine. Will run between 50-60Mph depending on prop. This boat could achive faster speeds if motor was moved back about 10\". Thanks for the idea and plans. Don Roney

Cracker Box by Bob Londress , Decatur, AL

Enclosed is a pic of my project so far.

Crackerbox by Don Fischer, Muskegon, Michigan

Update March 2017

Cracker Box by Peter Randall ,  Lemon Tree Passage, NSW Australia

6 May 2005 Cracker Box update Attached, hopefully, is a photo of my boat the \"Red Dwarfe\". The stripes are Australian red gum and hoop pine. The motor plans have changed and now will be 350chev and an outboard rudder. Peter Randall

Cracker Box by Don Sanderson, Sutter Creek, CA

Cracker Box by Don Sanderson 20 February 2008 I finally got started on my Cracker Box.

Crackerbox by Bill Kassube, Pahrump, Nevada

Gallery updated July 2012

Cracker Box by Jason Baulch, Bundaberg, Australia

January 8, 2013 Built mainly on my farm veranda near Bundaberg Australia

Cracker Box by Alex Neymark, Charlotte, North Carolina

Photos Updated May 2013 4 February 2004 I started the Cracker Box about 4 to 5 months ago. I\'ve talked to you several times. If you remember: Meranti plywood, rotary engine and last conversation was about fiberglassing. Thanks a lot for your advice.

Cracker Box by Gerard Vinke and Sons, Groningen, The Netherlands

7 January 2014 We started building in 2007 using mahogany plywood and planks for the hull, and white oak for the frames, oregon pine for the strongback. We used 4 bookmarked planks 65 cm wide and 6 mtr long out of which we planked deck and sides over the plywood. Hull length was stretched 10 pct. After reading Don Danenberg\'s books on classic runabout restoration we chose an SMP flexible marine adhesive and bedding compound for the building to allow for a little flexibility in the hull. We used epoxy for scarfing of the plywood and battens. Engine is a V6 205 hp Mercruiser Vortec EFI, modified with Glen-L headers and a Velvet drive. Thank you Glen for this beautiful design!

Cracker Box by Neil, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Updated 20 January 2014 09 July 2006 Update Adding a couple of pictures to the site... Great boat, great fun, great performance! 25 January 2006 Update The finishing pictures of the Glen-L Cracker Box. When we Canadians can\'t play hockey we fill up the rink and go boating. 08 October 2005 Update The Boat is coming along, varnish work is complete and reassembly is taking place, here are a couple of pictures of the boat as we get near the completion of the project. Great work Rich and Stan... 19 June 2005 Update Stain is going on today and we are moving on to the finish. 17 April 2005 Update The boat is coming along, will send planked deck photos shortly. Here are a couple of new pictures. By the way, the Cracker Box has been lengthened to 16\' 6\", has a small block V8 with oversized pistons and rings. 28 February 2005 Stan has done the planking of the hull while Rich has done the fabulous engine work including installation. Stan does his excellent work in the Peterborough area of Ontario, Canada, while Rich lives near Oshawa, Ontario and does his work in a two bay heated garage with a hoist built into the ceiling. These fellows have been a tremendous help in sorting through this very extensive and time consuming process...not to mention just a bit more expensive than I had thought, but the boat should look great! I am trying to make this boat look like a gentleman’s racer. The sides are planked; will plank the top as well.

Cracker Box by Phil Hinc, North Haven, Australia

Updated January 2017


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