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Delta Q by Dennis Brown, Australia

May 16, 2019 - i have completed the Delta Q that has been about seven years in the making, Thank you for a wonderful and easy to follow set of plans.

Delta Queen by Merle Walline, Kerrville, Texas

Update 19 February 2014 - Photos Added 31 May 2006 A little up date of the Delta Queen, I finished all the fairing of the chine logs and put the two side planking on. I’m currently installing the bow planking. The plans are very good and you just need to read and reread on each step as you go. I have taken the weight in pounds of all the material that has gone into the boat and so far I’m up to 744 pounds which includes the planking, fiberglass and resin which will be used. Attached are my pictures so far.

Delta Q by Ron Boswell, Shell Knob, Missouri

I bought an unfinished Delta Q 24\' in Sept 2005 cut the cabin and transom off and made it 27’ long then built a new cabin. I finished the boat in 2009 and launched that fall. The house boat handles great on the water. Been busy with other things but would like to join the Glen-L community and share the joy of building and owning a Great boat.

Delta Q by Albert Boyd

Subject: The Delta queen we built Date: Tue, 20 Feb 2001 16:49:31 -0500 Hi, I am Albert Boyd and i have recently built your Delta Queen boat. I am sending you a picture hoping for you to post it on your internet web page. Thank you

Delta Q by Kent Andrews, Brenham, TX

Delta Queen by Kent Andrews, Brenham, Texas December 3, 2008 I have been living aboard for 2 years; steering and throttle cables are the only things left to complete outside of other interior upgrades.

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