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Drifter 16 by Sam Molvik, Edmonds, WA

March 21, 2020 - This is what I built with the help of my son with your set of plans!

Drifter 14 by Terry L. Michalski,  Kodiak, AK

Gentlemen, I thought you folks might like a few pictures of a boat I built from your plans. It\'s the 14\' version of the Drifter. I use it for fishing in the bays around my home in Kodiak, Alaska. I used red oak for the stringers, chines and sheer clamps. The little boat is small enough to be launched and recovered from numerous beaches around the island. The design does well in small surf and in light chop. Driven originally by an 87 lb thrust trolling motor, it now a 3 horse outboard. Even in Alaska, the construction costs were only $1100.00. This was my first attempt at boatbuilding and if I thought there were a market for these boats, I would retire and build them for a living! Enjoy! P/S The line over the port side is connected to a freshly caught 87 pound halibut! Terry L. Michalski

Drifter by Bo Cole

Subject: Another dory pic. Date: Fri, 10 Sep 1999 17:39:46 From: Bocole@aol.com Thanks for the interest in my dory (Drifter 16\') \"Rincon Maiden\" Barry. I have included another picture of her just before putting in the river. It may give your readers a better idea of her lines. The original sheer clamps came just above her name, so that will give you an idea of how radical the raise in the bow was. I am really excited about you putting her in the web letter (WebLetter 13). Thanks. I don\'t mind if you use my e-mail address so others can write me for more info. Thanks again, Bo Cole

Drifter by Boudewijn Binkhorst, Netherlands

Subject: Drifter 16 from Holland Date: Fri, 20 Aug 1999 13:07:43 I finished my Drifter 16 feet. It is fitted with seats along the sides in front. I met with a problem of what type of motor to hang on. It should have been a Yamaha 9.9 long tail. I did with the ultra long tail. The picture is with another motor.... Boudewijn Binkhorst

Drifter by Matt Gebhardt

Subject: 16\' Drifter picture Date: 10/14/02 Here\'s my 16 ft. drifter. Finished, floating, fishing off the Kenai river this fall 9/2002). Sorry took so long to get a picture into you. The rower seat is actually a large cooler and pad (economical spacesaver especially for long trips) that\'s adjustable (2\' worth) up and down the boat via holes drilled for 9/16\" all-thread that serve to lock it into place. Like the rower\'s seat, the rower\'s foot rest is adjustable as are the oar positions - all in 6\" increments. This accomodates any rower\'s arm/leg length. Would not change anything. The front bench has sliding, overlapping oak panel doors accessable from front or back for items like tackle, life jackets, etc. Modified the transom a little so have extra seat there which has a hinged top for more storage. Ran conduit containing anchor rope from a foot brake to the transom and works great. Have fished it at all summer and it is a pleasure.

Drifter 16 by Cam Dickson, Grande Prairie, Alb, Canada

Hello Barry, here are a few photo\'s of my Drifter 16. I included a couple of construction photo\'s as well as some of the finished product. I altered the plans a bit to set it up for fly fishing. Thanks for the Plans! -Cam

Drifter 14\' by Terry Priser, West Richland, Washington

03 March 2014 I started my boat with your plans in September 2013. I finished it in January 2014. My cost of materials was around $1500.00. Here are a few of the pics during the building process. The boat is done and I am now waiting for the weather to warm up a little to put it in the river.

Drifter 14\' by Tom Holt and Brett Wilson

Thought you might like this picture. This is the 14\' Drifter built by Tom Holt. Thigh braces and anchor system by Brett Wilson. From the Green River in Utah, Sept. 2003. Mother-in-law rapid. Note the canoe wrapped around the rock near the back of the boat.

Drifter by Conlin Parrott, Sheridan, Wyoming

Update May 2013 I built this Drifter from your plans last winter. It was built using \"regular plywood\" from Home Depot and poplar and white pine for the battens, rub rails, seats, and trim. It\'s coated with epoxy. The oars were carved from 2x12\" fir boards. For the maiden voyage, three of us went on a 4 day float/camping trip down the Yellowstone River in Montana. The boat performed better than I could have dreamed. We went through some pretty serious rapids (even had water coming over the bow a few times) with a very heavy load and had no problems at all. I love it!

Drifter 16\' by Joseph Babino, North Yarmouth, Maine

September 2013 Here are some pictures of the Drifter 16 I completed. Launch date was April 27th of this year in Maine. Included is a picture on her launch date, a picture of retrieving her out of the river by way of a set of stairs (sporting her new camo paint job), and a picture of me rowing on her launch day.

Drifter 14\' by Dave Barnes, Morgan Hill, California

January 2014 Built From Jan to June 2011, made some mods in 2012. I extended the 14\' design by about 8\" or so. Great size for 3 good size guys for steelhead fishing. Tons of room and storage. Great Fun!

Drifter 14\' by Tim Kerruish, Cunedin, Central Otago, New Zealand

21 February 2014 Here are a couple of photos of the Drifter that I built from your plans. It took a little while longer than planned (although actual building time was quite reasonable!) but it was a straight forward build and an enjoyable process. We are just about to finish a Row-Me which will be powered by an electric outboard and I will send some photos of that when finished.

Drifter by Greg Frickey, Downey, CA

To Glen-L I enjoyed building my 16\' Drifter. The plans were easy to understand and straight forward. This should make a fine fishing boat. - 3 1/2 mos. to complete. Only one problem, now I want to build a 20\' boat! Guess you can\'t have a big enough boat. Greg Frickey Downey, CA 90240


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