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Driftboat by Mark Mariano, Jr., Missoula, Montana

16 January 2014 My name is Mark Mariano and I built your 14’ drift boat two years ago in Montana. I built it for myself at the University of Montana, College of Technology. It\'s done and it floats like a dream. It was one of the hardest things I have ever done but the most fulfilling as well. I couldn\'t be happier and more proud of myself. I have received a ton of attention around town, at the launch, and on the river. I did the maiden voyage on the Bitterroot River from Florence to Missoula, Montana. At this time of year the rivers are normally flooded and brown due to the spring run-off but the Bitterroot miraculously held off and I was able to safely float her. Thanks for all the support. Can\'t wait for my next one.

Driftboat by Ron Peterson, Shasta Lake, California

October 2012 I built a Glen-L Sissy Do just to learn something about boat building. I\'m now in the middle of your 16 foot, wide bottom Driftboat. I\'m about ready to fasten the second half of the bottom on. In six months I\'ll be drifting down the Smith, Rogue, Chetco, and maybe even the Klamath rivers with old guys like me that still use split bamboo rods and just enjoy the quiet solitude of a wooden boat sliding down the river.

Driftboat 16' by Dave McGraw, Troy Idaho

16 ft. Drift boat

Driftboat by Christopher Elkins, Gloucester, North Carolina

March 2017 16-ft. Wide-bottom, Standard Sides Driftboat


3 Responses to Driftboat Design

  1. Robbie Combs says:

    I’m interested in building a wood drift boat. I’m a disabled veteran who wants to help other veterans through fishing the New River and Greenbrier River of west Virginia. Fly and spincasting fishing smallmouth. I was just curious about supplies, cost, time line and building plans.

  2. Shawn says:

    Saw your post on here with Lake Shasta area mentioned. I’m in Durham (near Chico), when you get this boat done I would be very interested in seeing it. I’m thinking about building a drift boat myself. I use a sit on top fishing kayak currently. If you would be interested in a paddle day I can come up and meet you at Whiskeytown or Shasta.


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