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Eureka (modified) by Ray Boller, Old Mill Creek, Illinois

August 2014 - 2 photos added Update July 2012 Launch - July 2012 M/V About Time is a Glen-L Eureka plan adapted to a 30\' planning hull with twin inboard power. 7/17/2012 was highlighted by the launch of our project. It has been 7 1/2 years to launch (the bigger they are the more complex they are). Had to get an accredited marine survey in order to get insurance, but result was \"above average\". The comments I am getting regarding the Eureka are amazing! My slip is next to the elevated, main marina walkway. Some of the comments: charter captains: “that would make a great charter boat!” divers: that would make a great dive boat!” recreational boaters: “ the deck layout is so practical!” “is this a research vessel?” “is this a government boat?” “now that is a boat – why doesn’t anyone make a boat like that!” small groups stop to look down at this boat – some individuals come back multiple times to stare. One charter boat organization leader was waiting for me when I arrived one morning, just to find out more. sail boaters like it as a powerboat power boaters like it too! people are amazed that a design like this has not been produced by a commercial company; and they are especially amazed that an individual built it. I have become somewhat of a celebrity at the marina – I cannot get anything done!


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  1. Wayne Bell says:

    Hello Mr. Boller,

    I am considering building the Eureka using sandwich foam construction (core foam). What type of construction did you use on your boat? Also, can the boat be trailered around? I would like to leave it in the back yard when not in use and make short trips to the Carolina coast from Charlotte, NC (300 miles).

    Thank you for your response.



    • Ray Boller says:

      To save money and time, I used an existing hull for the basis. That is why it is labeled “Eureka (modified)”. The hull is 30′ instead 25′, and is a modified V, planing hull instead of a round bottomed displacement hull. Materials: original hull is solid FG, without the chalky filler layers which have been used by many commercial companies. Decks are laminations of mahogany plywood (3/4″) to allow the curved shape for quick drainage of water, glassed, all using epoxy for adhesive. Pilot house and forward cabin material is 3/4″ marine plywood with glass. Re trailering: this one requires a commercial, over the road semi to move, plus highway permits for “wide load” and special routing due to height when loaded. Dry weight is not that much at 8,000+ lbs.

      Hope this helps

  2. Greg Kelso says:


    Great build! Do you mind if I stop by sometime and check it out? I’m in Springfield, but, get up your way quite often. Where are you docking her?

    Greg Kelso

    • Ray says:

      Sorry, I did not see your message until today. If you are in the area please give me a call @847-691-5110. She is at Waukegan Port District on Lake Michigan.


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