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Glen-L Fisherman by Stefaan, Ghent, Belgium

4/26/20 - I'm a first time boat builder, this gallery shows the progress of building my fisherman. I started building end of October 2019 and launched the boat during the summer in 2020. I use the fisherman for trips with my family and friends on the local rivers. The ride is smooth and when opening the throttle, truly exciting!!

Fisherman Built by Richard Swyny

Photos added February, 2020

Fisherman by David McFarren, Portland, OR

November 2019 Update - The name of the boat (Black Hole) is fitting as I always seem to get carried away equipping my boat. December 18, 2018 - I finally finished the boat completely in October of 2018! I lengthened the boat to 14'-6". The windshield is from a 1986 Beachcraft with the center section taken out. I raised the windshield up above the deck as it would not fit otherwise. The bow rails, stern rails and windshield were purchased from a boat recycling yard. The 20 HP Merc motor is used (a 2010 with only 20 hours on it) and the 6 HP Tohatsu is a new 2018. It was a hard job since it was completely built in our 1927 very narrow single car garage. Thanks for all your help!

Fisherman by Del Engelhard

This is your Fisherman 13 built from plans and patterns (but slightly modified).

Fisherman by Luis Velasco, Rio Piedras, Puerto Rico

Subject: Photos...Fisherman \"Luisito\" Date: Mon, 5 Oct 1998 23:49:31 -0000 From: Luis Velasco Barry: As promised, this are photos of \"Luisito\" which didn\'t survive George. We plan on building another one with some \"improvements\". This boat was built in 1990-1. Power used was an 89\' Mercury 25hp, which I still have and plan to use on the next \"Luisito\". We added navigation lights, marine radio, electric bilge pump and even a horn. It was pretty well setup. The local fisherman couldn\'t believe I actually built it and that it was wood. This was my first \"true boat\" building project and my father\'s 8th. We really enjoyed building this boat! Side note: this boat made a trip of over 100 miles in a weekend. We (my friend Carlos who was the \"navigator\", jajaja, and I) sailed from (Isleta Marina) Fajardo, PR to St. Thomas USVI and back. Making stops at Culebra island (right between PR and St. Thomas). Needless to say we got a LOT of weird looks and comments when we docked at customs in St. Thomas. We almost got in trouble with the Coast Guard because of the size of the boat (too small for them) but that\'s another story. :-) Hope to update you in the future about \"Luisito II\" which, of course, haven\'t started yet. Luis Velasco, Rio Piedras, PR

Fisherman by Matthias Buffen, Germany

November 2015


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