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Glen-L 13 by Panagiotis Christopoulos, Vassilico, Greece

July 2015 See the boat that I made with your plans! I am sailing with this boat since 2012.

Glen-L 13 by Paul Adams, Batavia, Illinois

January 2014 Here are a few pictures of the Glen-L 13 I restored over the last few years. The boat was built by Garren Guest, a retired USAF Master Sergeant, of Vancouver, Washington. I purchased it in 2003 and sailed it around the Seattle area for a few years while I was called to active duty with my Air Force Reserve unit in Tacoma. My wife and I towed it cross-country to our home outside Chicago in the spring of 2005 when our unit was released. Mr. Guest did a beautiful job with the joinery and finishing of the boat, but he had used exterior plywood for the construction, and did not fiberglass the hull. So the few years I enjoyed sailing the boat, plus storage in a high-humidity area had resulted in some pretty severe checking of the ply. Every time I sailed the boat it got worse, of course as the ply absorbed more water through the checking. So I decided I couldn\'t sail it anymore, and faced a grave decision -- commit to the effort of restoring the boat, or borrow someone\'s chain saw. I chose the former, and I\'m proud of how it turned out. I let the boat dry out for more than a year before beginning the restoration. As soon as I got the paint off the hull I discovered what a very skillful job Mr. Guest had done with it, and I was happy I made the choice I did. Between training for a new job and welcoming two new babies into our home (adding to our previous three), the job took me two autumns, two springs and one and a half summers. (My building area was occupied by my lovely wife\'s Odyssey during the Chicago winters.) In all, I completely stripped the exterior of the hull, repaired the damaged areas, then epoxy-saturated and \'glassed it. I used Brightsides for the hull paint. I also repaired and updated the trailer. Later I removed the floorboards and stripped and repainted the bilge. The next year, after stripping a portion of the gunwales and deck, I decided the damage to those was too extensive to repair so I committed to removing and replacing them. I used BS 1088 6-mm marine ply, a significant upgrade, on those areas, and \'glassed them as well. I also stripped, repaired and \'glassed the blades. Thanks to some very long hours, help from the family and neighbors and the pressure of a deadline, I completed the job just before our family vacation \"up north\" to Wisconsin, in late July of last year. We held a Christening ceremony the Sunday we arrived, complete with some fine Wisconsin beer -- but just a little because we didn\'t want to commit alcohol abuse. There was no name on the boat when I bought it, and Mr. Guest didn\'t mention one, so I claimed naming rights – Heron touched water again after almost four years on August 3rd. We sailed her all week on Dam Lake, and there were many smiles and much pride about. I look forward to lots more time on the water with her. Kindest regards, Paul Adams, Batavia, IL

Glen-L 13 by Robert Henne, Leesburg, Florida

This is a photo log of my 2 1/2 year building of the Glen-L 13, \"Jeanne Lou.\"

Glen-L 13 by Mike Keers ,  Hereford, AZ

Hi, I registered this Glen-L 13 quite a while back, but just got around to sending you a picture. Hope you can use it. I built this boat about ten years ago, and it\'s still going strong, I love it. It was my second Glen-L boat. I built the 16-foot Drifter more than twenty years ago. I have boats from 8 feet up to 29 feet, this is one of my favorites. The sail was owner-made from a Sailrite custom sail kit. Thanx for a great website, great company and products! Mike Keers. Hereford, AZ

Glen-L 13 by John Ayearst , Amethyst Harbour, ON Canada

28 July 2005 Here are a few photos of the Glen-L 13. The hull is Douglas-fir marine plywood covered in fibreglas and painted. The deck is ribbon-cut mahogany plywood done in Cris-Craft filler stain and 11 or so coats of varnish. The mast is a clear, 20-foot Douglas Fir 2 x 8 ripped to two 2 x 4s. A dado was cut on the inside before gluing together to lighten it and the shaping was done by hand planing and belt sanding. The bench slat seating is clear cedar. I tried using mahogany but it kept snapping when bent. The floor is plywood covered with automotive carpeting and each section quickly comes out with a single screw. There are two ports cut out of the floor for a hand pump to empty rain water, etc.


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