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Goliath by Ed Davis, Rockledge FL

August, 2019

Goliath-Wood by Robert McKinney, Sugar Grove, VA

July 2 and 3, 2018, South Holston Lake (VA/TN). Handled beautifully! Surprised that she only drew about 14” at deepest point despite 42 gal. gas and 24 gal fresh water in below deck tanks. Camped onboard in beautiful little cove. The new 90hp Tohatsu (really a Honda!) eased her along at 6 mph at about ¼ throttle. (Wife “Pretty Lynn” doesn’t like to go fast…) Hardly sipped gas. Notes: replace Lexan windshield with glass; buy larger porta-potty (am doing both). Installed really efficient AC/DC chest-type fridge—supposed to hold up to 84 cans beer. Must confirm! Intend week-long trip from Knoxville down past Chattanooga in couple weeks on Tennessee River. Thanks for good plans and encouragement! Tugboat Bob

Goliath by Tom Hammermeister, Waldoboro, Maine

Goliath by Tom Hammermeister, Waldoboro, Maine July 18, 2009


3 Responses to Goliath Design

  1. Dan Hennis says:

    Ed, This build makes me speechless, then I have a hundred questions, .. And Mine is nearing completion! Please Ed, talk to Gayle about doing a blog on this. I think it would be fascinating. Keep going, it is a beauty.

  2. Doug says:

    What a beautiful build!!
    did you stretch her out\?

    please reply im thinking of this design myself…


    • Dan Hennis says:

      Hey Doug, sorry to take so long to reply. No, for this build, there were a number of other things I was focused on so I opted to keep that item standard. Also, this was started for a client (that has since died), that wanted it for a dock maintenance and towing tug. So, agility and stability were paramount. Once built, tested and video documentation is done, it will be sold. The wheel house has been redesigned for a pair of convertible, transverse bunks on the inside aft bulkhead, and no forward trunk. But there is still a generous forward hold under the fore deck, accessed from the wheelhouse. Keep watching.

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