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Imp by Pete Muller, Red Oak, NC

First boat build - the Glen-l “Imp”. Not in any kind of rush to build it - took over a year. Launched on 8/11/18 on the Tar River Reservoir in Elm City, NC. Christened “The Little Guy” as a gift to my grandson, whose nickname just happens to be the Little Guy. Thinking about a cedar strip canoe next, for my granddaughter.

Imp by Bart Stephens, Portland, Oregon

Thanks for the great plan. My niece and I had fun building it. I used some salvaged mahogany for the frame. About half way through, I saw some photos of old row boats and tried to include some of the features I liked. The cup holders in the seat were at my niece\'s insistence.

Imp by Mike Wieland, Cedar Bluff, Alabama

This is one of many "MS JACKIE" wooden boats built on Lake Weiss, Alabama. We used mahogany from a salvaged \'67 Chris Craft. Really enjoyed the build from your plans. She does great in the water with oars from your plans also. Thanks again, -- Mike & Jackie

Imp by Tom Schultz

Imp Rowboat by Shane Smith

I have now used Woodrow for just over a year, and I have been very satisfied with this little boat. It has proven itself to be an ideal platform for fly fishing, and carrying the scads of gear that I find myself lugging along on those trips. Although it works very well with my Honda 5 horse motor, I think it is at its best with an electric motor, and it rows very nicely. I am 6\'5\", 210 pounds, and I seldom wish for a more stable boat -- I can stand up and cast from the center seat, with no difficulty. Although it is certainly no featherweight, I am able to load it into my truck, but it is an easier task with a helper. I made several modifications to the original Glen-L design. I modified the sheer lines somewhat to suit my own tastes, giving the boat some more height than was called for. I changed around the seating configuration, so that the interior of the boat is very open and comfortable for fly fishing. This is a great fly fishing boat, and I wouldn\'t hesitate to recommend it to anyone with similar needs.

Imp by Warren C. Lyon , Dallas, TX

June 29, 2004 Re: 10\' Imp This is the 5th Glen-L boat I have completed. Four photos are enclosed showing the progress stages. The outer skin is a marine plywood, using 1/4\" on the sides, 3/8\" on the bottom and 3/4\" for the transom. The chines, sheers and floor battens are ash. The seats are 1/4\" ply faced with 3/4\" mahogany. The bumper on the outer edge of the sheer is 1\" nylon rope attached with flat head stainless steel screws every 4\". It was a great project and it will get a lot of use as a skiff. Warren C. Lyon Dallas, TX

Imp by Shawn Auman

Subject: Photos of IMP Date: Thu, 29 Mar 2001 12:02:42 -0600 From: Shawn Auman Here are some picture of the IMP that I built in 2000 to be posted in the customer photos. Even my father-in-law liked it.

Imp by Sonny Barile, Secaucus, New Jersey

Subject: Pics of IMP Date: Fri, 15 Jun 2001 00:25:44 EDT I was building the IMP when I got the idea of customising her just a little... I built her to plan until it was time to put the sheers on, then it hit me... I fiberglassed the outside and added some things. It was alot of fun to build. I havent felt like this since I was a kid. Attached you will find a few pictures I took with my computer cam. It was starting to get dark so they are not the greatest quality. I give you the \"IMP-ABOUT\" Let me know what you think. I will try to take better pictures this weekend (during the day). I still have some work to do on the interior. Very pleased customer Sonny Barile (New Jersey)

Glen-L Imp by Mike Brian, Mt. Juliet, Tennessee

January 2016 What an enjoyable and rewarding experience!


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