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Mai Tai by Jim Vander Wiel & Sue Shelley, Page, Arizona

Sun, 30 Apr 2006 We wanted to thank you folks again for another successful boat building adventure! This is the second Glen-l boat we have built. We wanted a center console fishing boat with a hull that had a steep dead rise to it. The Key West hull design did not have the desired dead rise at the transom, however the Mai Tai boat hull suited us. In the end we built the Mai Tai hull and finished it off similiar to the Key West We have it powered with a 225 Mercury outboard, 52 gallons of fuel capacity and loads of storage area. The prop we chose is a 15 1/4 x 15 which brings the boat up to plane very quickly and has a top speed of about 45 MPH (faster than I need to go ). Thanks again, Jim Vander Wiel Sue Shelley Page, Arizona

Mai Tai by Gordon E. Foley , Bridgewater, NS, Canada

6 August 2003 Dear Sir: A good number of years ago, I ordered and received plans for your \"Mai Tai\". I had a thank you note and a picture of the finished boat which I thought had been mailed long ago, to your company. Recently, I found the note and picture, so I\'ll now thank you for the fine plans. From the time I started to build this boat, until the time I finished it, close to four years had gone by. I worked at it whenever I had a few hours of spare time. Enclosed is a picture of the finished boat. I received no help, nor did I want any. Any faulty workmanship could only be blamed on me. I powered it with an 130 H.P. Volvo stern-drive, and it handles beautifully. It banks nicely too. The booklet I received, enclosed with the plans, \"Build It The Glen L. Way\", was worth much more to me than the stated price of $1.00. I still have this boat, and I still receive very favourable comments. I have been and still am very pleased with the outcome. So thank you, even though many years have gone by. Truly Yours Gordon E. Foley

Mai Tai by Craig Edwards , Virginia Beach, VA

Subject: Mai Tai Date: 12/04/02 Hi guys ! Craig Edwards here, out in Virginia Beach, VA. I\'m building the \'Mai-Tai\' from a frame kit I got from you... The hull is finished, and I\'m ready to start painting. (the fiberglassing was more tedious a chore than I\'d estimated......glad to get back to some woodworking!!) Soon, I\'ll be ready to install drain plugs on either side of the keel, through the transom.


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