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Malahini by Jim Keefe, Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada

January 2018 A 2 or 3 year family boat build project started in the fall of 2017

Malahini by Lee Milazzo , Stamford, CT

Subject: Malahini Project 17 Dec 2005 I just started the Malahini and I wanted to send you a few pictures of my progress. I am building the boat at a local aquarium that has a boat building shop. Because this is the first time I have built a boat I started with the Glen-L Frame Kit which is very well made and gets the project up and running very quickly. I will send more photos as the project progresses. I am hoping to have the boat in the water by June. Best regards, Lee Milazzo Stamford, CT

Malahini by Sam Witherington

Malahini by Sam Witherington, Atlanta, Georgia 29 July, 2009

Malahini by Doug Calleja, Canton, Michigan

4 July 2010 Thanks for your great set of plans. I received them last year in the fall and was able to get the frames done before winter set in. Started back in the spring with the bending of the sheer and chine; had to resaw the spruce as they broke on me twice so I bent one at a time and laminated together to make one, which worked out good.

Malahini by Robert Green

October 25, 2006 Here are some photos of the Malahini I have built for my brother Doug, maybe you could put them in your customer photo section. The boat as photographed has been in use for a year now. Regards Robert Green

Malahini by Tim Wang , Victor, NY

27 September 2004 Greetings, Attached are some photos of my Malahini project as of 9/26/04. I started working on the project in August 03 starting with your frame kit. I would definitely recommend the kit since it is very accurate and save lots of time. Turning the boat over was nerve-wracking, but ended up being very simple with the proper preparation (1x3 temporary bracing across all of the frames, a set of five old tires and two helpers). Next will be the transom motor/well, the flooring and possibly framing the front deck before calling it a season. I haven\'t finalized on the motor yet, but am leaning towards a 40 HP Evinrude E-tec. If all goes well, we may be in the water by Spring! Tim Wang Victor, NY

Malahini by Rodel Faustino

Malahini by Rodel Faustino, Cavite City, Philippines April 21, 2009 After receiving plans 2 years ago, I started cutting and assembling frames in January, 2009, and placed in forms by 30 of March 2009. I nailed temporary support of chines and sheer clamps, because I will be away for a while and leave the project fixed on the forms for the mean time. I plan to continue the project at the end of May.

Malahini by Tom Lynch

Subject: Malahini photos Date: Fri, 2 Aug 2002 12:18:04 -0600 Hi, I don\'t know if you can post these, but here are some photos of the boat I\'ve been working on. I\'m actually ready to flip the hull and start working on the interior. Thanks. Tom Lynch

Malahini by Fergal Butler

Malahini by Fergal Butler, Dublin, Ireland 9 November, 2009 This is my Malahini which I built over the last year since my dad \"Sean\" passed away. She is called \"Seán-nós\" meaning \"old style\" and after him. Seán-nós was a joy to build and a great escape for me. I have to thank you for the great plans and help all through my build. I launched her last week and it was more than I hoped for - one of the greatest days of my life. I still have a smile from ear-to-ear.

Malahini by Robert Reynolds

Malahini by Robert Reynolds - Lexington, South Carolina 17 October 2009

Malahini by Jeff Mclravy

Malahini by Jeff McLravy, New Albany, Ohio 22 July, 2009 I have been enjoying my build experience a great deal. Working on fairing and looking forward to planking next.

Malahini by Joshua Johnson,  in Wilmington NC

Im building the Malahini and these are the pics as I go through the creation. thanks for looking!

Malahini by Benjamin Wollenburg, Cleveland, Ohio

Built 2011 Ribbon sawn sapelle fiberglass, west system, UV cured clear coat

Malahini by Matthew Biehunko, McKinney, Texas

July, 2017 Memorial Day weekend first launch. Tons of fun and all smiles! Barrelback next.

Malahini by Pablo Vidal, Santiago, Chile

April 2017 Hello Gayle I m glad to receive constantly your emails. I m working hard in my Malahini, I send photos Regards Pablo

Malahini by High School Student Eliot Alpert, Shawnee, Kansas

Update July 2013 Big thanks at everyone at Glen L. It was a seven month adventure. Eliot won top honors at the Regneir Science and Technology Forum (Shawnee Mission Kansas School district.) December 2012 Eliot is building a Malahini for a high school project He has a pretty good wood shop and talent. Two years ago his project was to make an all wood no metal parts wood clock. All the gears and axles and bearings were all wood.

Malahini by Bob Sorci, Columbia, Tennessee

April 2017 A multiple year endeavor to build a classic looking boat.

Malahini by Stephen Hanff, Dunedin, Florida

Started November 2014 Malahini build. Finished October 2016. Very impressed with performance. Rigged new Yamaha f70 with 15 inch aluminum prop. 37mph with 2 adults and gear, no porpoising. Able to plane off with 6 adults no problem.

Malahini by Joe Carnevale, Mason, Michigan

Project begun June, 2012.

Malahini by Simon Foord, Murfreesboro, Tennessee

August 2016 I began building my Malahini in January 2016. I found that it is really helpful to look at other builders pictures so I am going to try and include plenty of detailed images of my build in the hope that someone else may benefit.

Malahini by Guy Young, Canberra, Australia

G'day, I bought your plans for the Malahini on the 01 April 2006 and have completed the framework and I'm just about to put the planking on. Attatched are a few photos of the build so far. I've used Hoop Pine for all frames, chine, sheer and battens. All the gussets, the stem and transom are made from Pacific Maple Marine Plywood. As you can see by some of the pictures, I'm making this boat in one side of a double garage. As you can see it doesn't leave much room for working around the boat. The sheer and chine was interesting to put on due to the lack of space. It will be interesting to see how I go with the planking. Regards Guy Young Sydney, Australia

Malahini by James Booher, Richland Chambers Lake, Texas

03 July 2014 Started building the Malahini in January 2013 and now near completion in January 2014. There are always things to fix and changes to make, so the boat is never “finished. “ Thanks to Glen-L for the plans, website and telephone advice. Thanks to all that have posted blogs and pictures of their progress. Pictures are a great help when confronted with problems that you are not sure how to complete. Also want to thank Jerry Lindamood for letting me see his boat and advise me about fairing when I was ready to make firewood. There were moments, but in the end it was all worth it. Richland Chambers, Lake Corsicana, Texas

Malahini by Raz Carcoana, Denver, Colorado

July 2013 I was initially attracted to the Malahini design because of the barrelback design and outboard configuration. I took my time and spent 3 years working on it and finished it up in 2010. It was truly a community project. My friends and family, fascinated by what seemed to be a huge undertaking, came by constantly to check on the progress. Of course, I put them to work, sanding, staining, holding pieces so I can fasten them, and so on. I had friends offer to help with the wiring, the sanding, the \'flip\' (which we had a party to celebrate. Mental note: party AFTER the flip, not before). I even forgot all about the trailer and had a friend help me salvage one and rebuild it. I learned a tremendous amount of skills in the process and enjoy driving it almost every weekend in the summer. The park rangers who pull me over do so only to take a closer look at the boat and compliment me! If anyone wants to give a project like this a shot, all I have to say is \"Start now, and take your time and enjoy the process!\" I was originally thinking I may sell it when I was finished, but now, no way!

Malahini by Wesley Rice, Spring Lake, Michigan

August 2013 Update 16 July 2013 I recently finished the Malahini after 2-1/2 years of construction. The boat performs better than expected. The ride is very comfortable and high speed turns have no issues. Top speed with a 70HP 4-stroke is about 43-MPH. Thank you for supplying a boat design that was fun to build and safe on the water. --- Wesley Rice

Malahini by Bill Whitney

Malahini by Bill Whitney June 30, 2008 In case you are wondering what I\'m doing with the Malahini plans, I was delayed all winter because of temperatures. Now, at last, I\'ve been able to get back to work. We are not fortunate to have your weather except in July and August.

Malahini by Vlad Poenaru, Bucharest, Romania

Updated April 2013

Malahini by Scott Maus, Big Sky, Montana

Updated March 2013

Malahini by Ian Gruber, Leduc, Alberta, Canada

Iggy\'s Old Black Rum Malahini. July 2012 Glen-L stock design except for +5 degree slope on transom. 2yrs 10months to build. Worth every second! Here is my photo gallery of my Malahini build \"Old Black Rum\", maiden voyage was on June 16th, 2012. The step-by-step build diary is located on Glen-L\'s boatbuilder forum website here: A few quick stats: Old Black Rum is named after our favorite drink and namesake song by the band \'Great Big Sea Framing lumber & trim is quartersawn African Sapelle Plywood hull & deck is Meranti BS1088 Hydrotech plywood Engine is a 1989 Mariner 90 HP with a retro-painted cover Hull is built per stock plans with 1 modification only: I increased the transom angle by 5 degree\'s to avoid shimming the motor mount based on feedback from other Malahini builders. It was a good decision and performs well with the modification. From first concept to completion took 2 years and 10 months. My launch video is located here: Sets 5 adults comfortably Rear bench uses a rolling/pin hardware that I got custom made to allow the bench to move easily from the rear (forward facing) for comfortable travel to the back of the front seats (aft facing) for spotting/towing. Hull is painted with Supermarine Urethane, Satin Finish I have yet to confirm the top speed with a GPS, however the pitot is showing 42 mph at 5,500 rpm Worth every second it took to make!

Malahini by Alan Edisbury, Manchester, United Kingdom

July 2012 Update The build begins 2 July 2012

Malahini by Jerry Lindamood,  Malakoff, Texas

NOTE: Photos Updated May 201228 January 2011 Here are some pictures of my recently completed Malahini. Working alone it took two years to complete. I did all of the re-sawing of the planks. This took a good deal of the time spent. It is powered by a 1979 115 hp Mercury. I can\'t say enough about how well it handles. It planes instantly and is stable in hard turns. This is my second Glen-L and I hope it won\'t be the last! Thanks for the great plans!

Malahini by Jan Hoffmann , Neukirch, Germany

15 March 2011 Here is my story about building the Malahini. For long time it was my wish to own a wooden boat like the Italian RIVA or a Swiss BOESCH boat. But as I am no super rich person it was out of question to have one. 4 years ago we moved to a house were I got the possibility to use a garage for building a boat. The size of the area (garage) and the point that we need a special exhaust emission standard for the Lake of Constance (it is nearly impossible to put an inboard in a self-made boat without spending a lot of money to get an allowance regarding emission standard. But this is swollen bureaucracy) were the guidelines for choosing the plan. So I decided to buy the Malahini plans. After checking the plans and buying the first lumber I started in autumn 2006!


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