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Missile by Harry Machado ,San Luis Obispo, CA

Subject: Glen-L Missile? Date: Wed, 5 Dec 2001 10:12:35 -0800 From: Machado, Harry HxM6@pge.com I recently acquired the boat in the attached pictures. Based on the plans your website and measuring the overall length, it appears to be a Missile? The owner reported that he is the second owner, he finding the boat in Vermont (built in Maine in 1960). The engine is a Lincoln 430, prop is 13x15 RH and seems to be a good fit as the engine is turning about 4600 rpm when the boat run flat out. No GPS to confirm top speed, but the acceleration is brisk and the ride very smooth on light chop with no proposing. Turning is very controlled. This classic boat gets lots of attention on the trailer or in the water. I acquired the boat through a trade for an antique car that I was not using, I am planning to use the Glen-L when the weather returns to sunny days on the Central Coast of California. Harry Machado San Luis Obispo, CA

Missile by Kendal Shoobridge, Melboune, Victoria, Australia

Subject: Missile Date: Sat, 18 Aug 2001 23:26:00 +1000 From: Shoobridge Family Hello, I thought you might like to add this one to collection of boats built - Glen-L Missile - archive section Inside the boat has been fitted for fast ski racing. Dual Rae-Line buckets. A Haynes Hellyer vee-drive gearbox, linked via the jack shaft is a magnificently chromed 302 Chev. The five litre engine has plenty of trick gear inside and out. It\'s a stock 302 Z-28 steel crank, swinging of the crank are a set of stock 350 Chev rods. The cam is high lift, high sports grind, with Chev 350 heads used with a thorough port and polish. Edelbrock Tarantula inlet mainfold, with a Holley 700 double pumper. No need to say that this boat goes, top speed clocked at a little over 80 miles per hour (the speedo only goes to 80..lol). The boat was started in 1978 and first touched water in 1982; built in Echuca on the border of New South Wales and Victoria, Australia. Now living in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. sincerely, Kendal Shoobridge

Missile by Ross Pfund, Ada, MN

Hello, The manifolds and risers for the 413 Chrysler in my 58 Chris Craft arrived yesterday and will they ever dress up the motor. They look great and will save a bunch of weight too. Enclosed are a couple photos of our Missile. It\'s awaiting a cosmetic restoration, as the hull and engine are both sound. I dug it out of storage and pulled it down to our Street Rod Cruise Night on Wednesday, and boy did it ever gather attention, even in the unrestored condition. There were over 50 rods and customs, and I guess those guys know a good looking lines when they see them. I had to promise a bunch of rides when I get it done. It looks fast even on the trailer. Again, I\'m very pleased with the manifolds, and I\'ll be doing business with you again as well. Sincerely, Ross Pfund Ada, MN

Missile by Brian Lawson

Missile (Vintage) by Brian Lawson, Ravena, New York 8 September 2009 In February 2007 I was called by a marina in Saugerties, New York to come and get an old boat out of their yard. Turns out it was a Glen-L Missile that had been started and never finished.

Missile by John Galea

Missile by John Galea, Melbourne, Australia May 11, 2009 I have just completed my version of the Missile. It has only taken me six years to complete, due to family commitments and moving houses a couple of times. I thought I might show you some recent pictures which I hope you like.


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