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Monte Carlo by Brian Barbata, Kailua, Hawaii

Update September 22, 2020 Update April 2019 - Sub-deck on, laying out Mahogany finish boards and deck fittings. Still chasing a late June departure for CA (upholstery), an August arrival at Sierra Boat, and an early Sept. launch Update May 2016 Ready to glass! Update 2014 First layer of ply. Two more to go! 9 September 2013 All frames on, everything square & level (I hope), forward keel laid. Next: finish keel, bend on chines, sheers and battens (October?). Then: Lay down ply & Mahogany hull covering; finish & paint (December?). Finally: Roll over party (2013?)! Then the topside...

Monte Carlo by Maurice Leigh, Altrincham, Cheshire, United Kingdom

Update January 2015 August 2014

Monte Carlo by Brad Nidersson, St. Paul, Minnesota

12 August 2013 Update The first picture is pulling the boat out of the shop through a hole I cut in the side of the garage with a Sawzall. I will send more pictures of it in the water. Thank you! 18 November 2009 Update One photo is of the fastening of 1/2 \" mahogany to the transom. I am getting close to flipping the hull. 19 September 2009 Update It\'s looking like a boat more and more. After the last layer it feels quite stout. 18 July 2008 Update The fairing of the framing is just about finished. 6 November 2007 After expanding my shop 120 square feet so that I could fit the boat in the building, I now have the frames set up on the motor stringers. In the pictures you will see some 10\'x1\" strips of mdf for checking if my lines are fair.

Monte Carlo by Dale Brevik, Polson, Montana

Updated Launch August 1, 2012 Monte Carlo by Dale Brevik, Polson, Montana August 6, 2009 I purchased the plans 6 years ago and have been collecting hardware and parts while waiting for retirement to bring me to the point of starting the build. White Oak for the frames was purchased and sawdust started hitting the floor on 07/08/09. We live on the shores of Flathead Lake, largest natural body of fresh water west of the Mississippi river. This will be a dream boat for summer cruising.

Monte Carlo by David Solaro, Reno, Nevada

December 2011, it is all coming together. Just putting the finishing touches on the hardware and building the cutwater.


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