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Nor'wester by Arno Bross, Australia

January 29, 2019 - I finished building my Nor'wester about 2 years ago. Main specs are, Honda BF 250 gives it 50 kmh cruise at 4500 rpm chews about 36 lph, redline is about 6200 rpm, 480 litres fuel 100 litres of water. I reckon centre of buoyancy is about perfect, you can see the water line running along the chine strake in the photo. Fully glass and epoxy encapsulated outside and fully epoxy encapsulated inside. Everybody that fishes with me are impressed by the design. Had a bloke the other day tell me he prefers to fish in my boat than his brothers 25 foot Bertram.

Nor'wester by Jay Duensing, Pacifica, California

April 2013 - I purchased the blueprints for the Nor'wester 26' from Ken Hankinson back in 2000 and finally finished the boat in 2007. I see that you now own this design so I thought I would send you the pictures of the finished product. The boat is working very well, I just wish it was a little heavier. If you have any customers building aluminum boats in the San Francisco bay area that need any help, let me know. I also have a mobile welding business "AJ mobile welding and repair". Thanks!


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  1. Kyle says:

    Trying to build chinook boat. Did you use the 3X2 angle? and what did you use for the center of the bulkhead?

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