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Pee Wee by Chris Wood, Tillsonburg, Ontario, Canada

July, 2018 - Completed - I had a lot of fun building and using this!

Pee Wee by Bob Atwater , Seneca, SC

Subject: Pee Wee Date: Fri, 26 Sep 2003 Hi Gang - - Great Company - - Great Service - - Great News Letter!! I am attaching a couple of pictures of the Pee Wee that I completed this past spring. The little grandson proclaimed grandpa\'s new boat as for \"kids only\" - - and the name stuck. At present it is powered by an old OMC three speed trolling motor - - modified considerably to fit the boat. Low speed is a slow walk, medium is a fast walk and fast is a nice jog. Just right for the little ones in the cove off the main lake. It was a fun project - - grand kids (4) love it - - and all the neighbors love to watch it. Down the road I will outfit it with a small outboard. Best regards - - and thanks for your great service. Bob Atwater Seneca, SC

Pee Wee by Leo Weisman

Subject: Pee Wee update Date: 9/13/02 Here are photos of my mostly completed Pee Wee. I installed the dash just 4\" from the forward frame to allow me to get my weight well forward to aid the boat getting on plane. For the same reason, I placed the steering far to the right so that I can belly up to the dash if need be. I have to lean forward over the dash to remain on plane when coming out of a turn in choppy water. For a rider with less than my 195 lb. or with a motor bigger than my 6 hp, it wouldn\'t be necessary. I altered the transom to accommodate a long shaft motor and enlarged the fins proportionally. The cable steering drum was of my own construction, welded and mounted between the forward frame and dash. The remote throttle and shift mechanism were purchased from eBay and I cobbled together bits to attach them to the motor. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions. Leo Weisman

Pee Wee by Rob Sotirin , Mound MN

Dear Glen-L: Here are some pictures of your \"Pee Wee\" model that I built in 2000. The boat has given me and my kids lots of great memories. The main modification is a 3HP outboard motor that runs in a standing pipe through the keel - it\'s a real \"inboard outboard\". I had fun covering the motor with a \"mock V8\" complete with Quadrajet, chrome valve covers and pipes. The motor\'s exhaust is ported out of the pipes, making for loud and dramatic boating for the kids. The seats are from a Porsche 911 and the throttle control is made from a 4-speed shifter from an old Cutlass that I drove as a teenager. I plan on building a few more boats as the kids grow. Thanks for the inspiration. Regards, Rob Sotirin Mound MN

Pee Wee by Berle Maxey

Subject: Pee Wee Pictures Date: Wed, 18 Feb 2004 Mr. Witt As you suggested, here are pictures of one of my two failures and the final success of installing the chines on the Pee Wee. The first failure was using spruce as it came from the lumber yard, that\'s when I E-mailed you. The second failure was when I used hot water to bend the wood. On the third try, I used the lamination method - success. It occurred to me that in all of the pictures and discriptions of other peoples boat building experiences, no one has ever exibited any failures. That leads one to believe that all things must go without difficulties in working wood, just hard work is needed. More later. Berle Maxey

Pee Wee by Ottoffy Zoltan & Son, Austria

September 21, 2020 - We are ready. Thank you for the plan! I modified it somehow, but not seriously. It was a wonderful project with my son!

Pee Wee Mini by Scott Gaskell , Cape Cod, MA

Dear Barry: We have finally launched our Pee Wee \"Periwinkle\". She is powered by a 2005 Mercury 9.9 HP 2 stroke. This is the most HP I would put on this boat. She is very quick, and at full throttle she can be a little tough to handle. I wouldn\'t send an inexperienced child out in this with the 9.9 outboard. My 10 year old Annie has a lot of time at the helm of my 18 ft center consol, and I was still a little nervous. I made some minor modifications to the original design. I added deck combing to resemble a wind screen, and both the fore deck and side decks are packed with as much flotation as would fit. I also cut in the transom and curved the side decks using left over material from the sheer clamp. The seat cushion is a standard 96 qt. Igloo cooler pad from West Marine. My goal was for her to resemble mini a Donzi 18. As you can see she looks very small rafted to my 18 center consol. Thank you Glen-L for the great plans/frame kit, and for your expert advise any time I called with a question. I gladly tell everyone who asks that she is a Glen-L design, and she attracts a lot of attention. Best regards Scott Gaskell Cape Cod, MA

Pee Wee by Laurent Puigsegur, Le Barcarès, France

April 2013 My first boat build. This boat, as the boat number shows, is for my son\'s 4th birthday!!

Pee Wee by Jon Myers, Lewisburg, Ohio

May 2013 My 7-year old daughter and I built the Pee Wee in the spring of \'09. It took us about 3 months to complete working in the evenings. We used mahogany planks for the frames, Douglas fir plywood for the transom and 1/4\" mahogany plywood for the skin. I spent less than $600 on wood, West System epoxy and bronze fasteners. I live in Ohio and bought all of the wood at Heritage Hardwoods in Sandusky, Ohio. My daughter really enjoys her Pee Wee, named \"Lil Rose\". I have a video on YouTube of my daughter driving her boat (she\'s now 8 years old) listed under \"Glen-L Pee Wee.\" I hope this is of some help to others who might like to build the Pee Wee. This little boat really rides nice, even with my daughter and me in it together with a combined weight of 225 lbs. When she rides by herself it planes out quickly and handles like a real runabout. I tried a 5 1/2 hp engine but Julia said it did not have enough power to keep up with the boys with rubber Zodiacs, so I picked up a 1955 Johnson 10 hp at a garage sale for $20. Now she can cruise at 20 mph and top out at 25 mph. Julia has passed the boaters safety course and is becoming a very confident and highly skilled skipper. This is much better than a Jet Ski or pwc for her to learn boating skills and to have fun with. I have attached two photos of Julia and her Pee Wee. Thank you.

Pee Wee by Brad Fox, Melbourne, Australia

30 September 2013 My name is Brad, I\'m from Melbourne, Australia. I have been building my Pee Wee called \"LIL INSANE\" for 3 years and have finally completed it. I have over 400 pictures of the build from start to finish but here are just a few. Depending on weather conditions launch date has been set for this coming weekend, if not the next one. I will also send you some launch photos once it finally hits the water. Cheers from the land down under.

Pee Wee by Mark Mason and Cole Cooper

Pee Wee by Mark, Mason & Cole Cooper Markham, Ontario, Canada 26 October, 2009 My two sons and I built the \"Pee Wee\" 2 winters ago and my 8-year old still goes on your website to look at the \"next\" boat we are going to build.


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