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Power Skiff by  Brian D. Pierce, Houston, TX

Subject: Power Skiff 14\' Date: Tue, 14 Dec 1999 From: Pierce, Brian D Glen-L, Attached please find some pictures of my recently finished Power Skiff 14\'. I ordered the plans in October \'98 and finished the boat in August \'99. I built the boat in my garage in my spare time and enjoyed every minute of it. I never thought building a boat could be so much fun and rewarding. I modified the original plans by installing a console ( in order to have remote steering) and an additional seat. The extra work really paid off... she\'s a joy to drive. I have received more compliments than I ever imagined. Many people have asked if it\'s a refurbished old boat and I proudly respond by saying, \"No, I built her from scratch.\" Thanks Glen-L, for all your help along the way by allowing me to bounce ideas off of you and by answering all my questions during the building process. This was my first boat building experience, but I\'m sure it won\'t be my last. Sincerely, Brian D. Pierce Houston, TX

Power Skiff 14 by Anders Nordby

Power Skiff 14\' by Anders Nordby, Telemark, Norway 13 June 2010 I ordered the plans for the Power Skiff 14 back in 1995, I think. I started at it almost right away, but shortly after I started building my own house and that took quite some years. So the boat project was delayed for quite a while. I finally finished it last year (2009), and it performs well. I have a 4 hp Yamaha on it which works excellent with 2 people and gear, and gives good speed for the weight and fuel consumption.

Power Skiff by Henry E. Ross, Brentwood, TN

August 12, 1999 Henry E. Ross Brentwood, TN 37027 To all, Enclosed are photographs of my completed Power Skiff 14. I\'ve had it on the water for about 4 weeks now and am enjoying it every bit as much as I hoped I would. I have powered it with a Nissan 9.8 hp outboard, chosen primarily for its weight... at about 60 pounds, it\'s the lightest 10 horse I found. I found the entire process of building this boat to be very positive. I am pleased with the product, as well as the customer service and support. I would not hesitate to do business with you in the future. If needed, I would happily serve as a reference for your company, or to anyone who may contemplate building this design. Special thanks are due to Barry for patiently answering all of my questions in a timely manner and, especially, for talking me out of using a dark stain on the mahogany. I kept it natural and it\'s beautiful! Also, to Gayle, for helping me out in a couple of pinches by expressing me some supplies... I really needed that \"handful\" of ring shank nails. Best wishes to you all. Sincerely, Henry E. Ross

Power Skiff 14 by Ken Muenster , Albertville, AL

From: Ken Muenster Albertville, Alabama Sent: Tuesday, June 01, 2004 Subject: Power Skiff 14 Enclosed are pictures of my Power Skiff 14 that I have been enjoying for the past month. So far I have been in the area lakes in Alabama and the coastal waters in Florida. I started the project in Oct 2003 and completed and launched it in April 2004 by working weekends and nights. I started out with the original plans as an open hull design, but with some modifications I designed my boat after that of a 17\' Console Skiff built by David Ogden, as seen in your Customer Photos, and another 14\' Power Skiff built by Tom Schroder.

Power Skiff by  Michael Schillizzi

15 November 2007 This boat was taken off the dimensions of your 14 ft. Power Skiff. As I told Gayle, it was modified to make it look like an old boat that I had back in the late 1960's. I needed the memory thing. So the sides don’t bow out as much and I gave it a rounded stern. It was modified enough that It probably doesn't look exactly like your design anymore. Anyway, Thanks for the response, we enjoyed building it and love being out on the lake with it. Thanks, Mike

Power Skiff 14 by Greg Hamilton,  Derry, New Hampshire

21 September 2009 I built this from your plans in the winter of 2007, making some changes to the design like adding 9\" to the freeboard seeking to be more sea worthy. I also added flooring and motor well and filled all compartments forward, mid and aft and under flooring with 15 cubic feet of two part foam. This was a first time build for me so I just took my time planning out my next move and measured three times before cutting anything. I have just over 400 hours time into this build from the first cut to the last paint brush stroke! Not bad I think for a beginner. This was one of the best projects I\'ve done, very rewarding. Now my family is enjoying the fruit of my labor! By the way, this boat is very stable. We have been caught in 3 ft seas every 5 seconds and never felt any major threat (15Hp motor mounted at the time). Feel free to uses these photos and info on your web site to encourage others! I could have bought a used fiberglass boat, but everwhere I go I get compliments on the boat, both verbal and a lot of \"thumbs up\" on the water. \"Priceless!\" Thanks again for the journey!

Power Skiff 14' by John Gironda, Anaheim, California

John is a local customer who frequently comes to the Glen-L home office to pick up supplies. We are particularly impressed by John\'s accomplishment... John is legally blind.

Power Skiff 14 by John Conner, Houston, Texas

03 January 2012 Started work on her 15 November 2011. Have had a great time and learned a great deal..... about sanding. John Conner


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