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Riviera built by BobD, Australia

Updated March 29, 2020 - I'm using the stay home Corona time to fit some deck in between the stringers in the fwd cockpit, and add sounder and Nav console. October 28, 2019 - I’m building a Riviera in Canberra Australia and am just about finished. I’m a Navy veteran forced into retirement with PTSD and have been using the build as part of my therapy. I’m OK now, but It has saved my life – literally! There is no other project like building a wooden boat, and there have been times when I wonder if part of my team are more impressed with its progress than I am.

Riviera by Stephen Yokubaitis

Riviera by Stephen Yokubaitis, Amarillo, Texas July 28, 2008

Riviera by David Lott

Riviera by David Lott, Branson West, Missouri 22 July, 2009

Riviera by Terry Mortimore, Sault Ste Marie, ON, Canada

Subject: Project registry update and photos Date: Tue, 25 Jan 2000 From: Terry Mortimore Hi Gang, I have my Riviera framed up and initial fairing done, starting to install battens today. I've still been unable to find a source for the 1/8" mahogany veneer, but still have a couple of places to call from your suppliers list. May have to use 1/8" ply for the inner layers and re-saw my own veneer from lumber for the outside layer. Other than a few minor mistakes in the plans I have been pleased with how things have come together. cheers, terry

Riviera by Bill Yonescu, Smithtown, NY

Subject: Completed Riviera ! Date: Thu, 30 Dec 1999 14:58:30 -0500 From: Bill Yonescu Dear Glen-L, While it took longer than I anticipated, the finished boat came out nicely. I started this one (The Riviera) and it's sister (The Monaco) in November of '98. I had just finished "Topper" and wanted to build something a little bigger. While there were some efficiencies in building two at a time, I left the Monaco with one layer on it's bottom and concentrated completely on finishing the Riviera. was late Halloween Day when I finally got to try it out. WOW, is an understatement!! I only got about 2 hours of running before dark, I can't wait until next spring. With the 350 CU.IN MAG MPI (315 HP) it does 30 MPH at 2800 RPM. With a "RED Line" of 5100 RPM...... well next spring will tell. I've included some photos of it taken along the way. The plans were great...faired very well, though I had to raise the sheer line and deck crown a total of 3 inches to accommodate the engine. I any readers would like more particulars they should e-mail me. WEYonescu@worldnet.att.net Thanks to my family and friends for their help at crucial times. Bill Yonescu

Riviera by Wayne Cox , New Zealand

Subject: Riviera runabout Date: Thu, 15 Feb 2001 18:24:02 +1300 From: Wayne Cox WOW! Its great! At last my boat is finished and I can enjoy it. As you can see from the photos it does everything just right. To catch up for you I started building my Riviera about 3 years ago and you have photos in webletter no. 8 and owing to lack of money has taken this long to complete. The building was the easy and cheap bit. Not so the mechanicals. But anyway the boat has a Chev V8 350 with about 325 hp and a Borg Warner gearbox driving a 13 x 12 prop. The boat does about 50 mph and gets there real quick so I think I should play with the pitch. Any suggestions? Every thing on the boat is built by me so Ive learned heaps. The boat is so unusual here in New Zealand that every time I take the boat out people just flock around feeling and touching it and putting dirty fingermarks on it. Bother! So many people have seen boats like this in movies but never in the flesh. The knowing ones who come for a look congratulate me on an excellent restoration and are blown away when I tell them its brand new. I have named the boat ADDICTION which seems kind of fitting and congratulate you guys at Glen-L for designing such a beautiful boat that any old mug with a little determination can build for himself. Beware though boatbuilding is very addictive as in my head I am already working on boat number 3. This boat will be bigger and .... nah that\'s another story. Regards Wayne Cox sometimes boatbuilder

Riviera by Mark Bronkalla

Subject: Registry update Date: Tue, 27 Jun 2000 From: Bronkalla, Mark Riviera / Mark Bronkalla On the water. Lots of compliments. Top speed 46 mph. 744 hours so far Hi Barry and Gayle, The boat has been fun to build and I have received a lot of support from family, friends and new boat building acquaintances. Thank you for your help in answering questions and getting the parts I needed. We launched the boat for the first time on June 23rd on Pewaukee Lake. The Riviera runs well as the family ski boat. Lots of room and plenty of power. It can pull a skier at only 2500-3000rpm. Top speed at this time is 46mph at 5000 rpm. The boat drives well and handling is excellent. Teal, my wife, now thinks that she is the captain and principal driver. The pictures of the boat in the lake were taken from the tube in tow by myself. It is amazing how many people stop to ask about the \"restoration". All are amazed when they find out it is new construction. Hopefully more people will see that building your dream is possible and within a reasonable amount of time. We started on the boat Sept. 1 and it is now 95% complete. This was done in approximately 20 hours per week (less than most people spend watching TV). The major work left to do is the final upholstery. We are riding on the bench seats and boat cushions for the summer. Best regards, Mark Bronkalla

Riviera by Martin Tomunak, Banska Bystrica, Slovak Republic

Subject: Thanks for Riviera plans/Riviera pictures Date: Tue, 26 Feb 2002 Gentlemen, Recently we are building second boat regarding your Riviera plans. Your documentation is very customer - friendly and full size patterns are great. We enclose some pictures of our first Riviera near to finish... Sincerely yours, Martin Tomunak (Banska Bystrica, Slovak Republic)

Riviera by Varno

Riviera by Andrew Tainsh , Bicton, Perth, Western Australia

December 17, 2002 Hi Folks, Attached are some photos of my Riviera project which I have been working on for about 18 months. The frames and stringers have been made from Nyatoh, an Indonesian hardwood commonly utilised for boat building in this part of the world. The final planking laminate is Brazilian mahogany. Hopefully the planking will be completed over the Christmas holidays, followed by sheathing, painting and the long anticipated rollover. Looking forward to the deckwork and mechanicals. Andrew Tainsh Perth Western Australia

Riviera by Michael Yelverton

Updated August 22, 2019

Riviera by Vasilis Tziamouranis, Greece

13 Oct 03 I started the project in September of 2002. Thanks to alot of help from friends and relatives, I managed to get the boat looking like a boat and well constructed. It still needs alot of work, but I am aiming to get in the water around May of 2004. The boat has been made according to the plans but has been a bit modified as far as interior is concerned. Due to the fact that in Greece there are very few lakes (the nearest is about 5 hour drive) and the boat will be used in the ocean. Since I am planning on using a very powerful motor, along with a friend of mine who is a professional boat builder, we decided to use thicker and more reinforced motor stringers. I am now in the progress of getting a engine together, in order to give life to this Riviera. All electrical wiring has been completed and now I am Applying the final interior paint coat on the Hull before the motor in put into place. The hull of the boat has been made according to the specification on the plans, but besides that we polyestered the boat using 3 layers of polyester, to give it additional strength. Sincerely, Vasilis Tziamouranis

Riviera by Tom Burch

Glen-L Riviera by Tom Burch - 29 July 2005 Hi Barry, I got her in the water. I haven't had this much fun since... well ever. She purrs like a kitten, goes like snot and can make everyone on the lake take a second look. Hmmm....what will I build next? Thanks, Tom Burch

Riviera by Unknown Builder

28 Aug 2006 Type: HOMEMADE Use: Fresh Water Make: RIVIERA Engine Type: Single Inboard/Outboard Model: RIVIERA Engine Make: Chevrolet Year: 1999 Engine Model: 350 C.I. 4 BOLT MAIN Length (Feet): 21.0 Primary Fuel Type: Gas Beam (Feet): -- Fuel Capacity (Gallons): 21-30 Hull Material: Wood Hull Identification Number: -- Trailer: Included Condition: Used

Riviera by Thomas Stock

I just finished the Riviera from your plans. I purchased one of your last Frame Kits and built the rest myself. The construction is African mahogany for the frames, marine plywood for the first planking layers, Honduras mahogany for the final side layer and Philippine mahogany for the deck. I started my project in my garage in January of '06 and launched May of '07. I enjoyed the project very much. The plans were very detailed and easy to follow. "Mahogany Rush" is powered by a 350 Chevrolet with approximately 325 HP. She handles great, is comes quickly on plane and is fast.

Riviera by Andrew Crocker, Perth, Australia

April 2014 - Launch Day! In this particular case (well, perhaps all cases), pictures paint a thousand words. The video of the launch day provides a better insight into what happened than endless blogging. So check out www.youtube.com/watch?v=_-nPycZMeOY So that is that. A few kindly souls have asked what the next project will be. For me, at least, the process of finding the next way to spend money and time is a completely non-deterministic one and so impossible to predict. So, for the moment, the job at hand is to enjoy the fruits of two years labor. To my mind, there is a necessary step in the process of closure where the boat stops being a building project – with all the tears and joy involved – and starts being a boat to enjoy and have fun in (with no tears one hopes). And so that is the only goal for now. See more at my posts on the Glen-L blog

Riviera by Dennis Griswold, Oconomowoc, Wisconsin

Update 03 July 2014 07 January 2014 - First Photos

Riviera by Peter Jenkins, Pine Mountain, Australia

November 2016 4 years to first float and test run another year to finish upholstery and trim . Really enjoyed the build and would not have been able to do it without the help from the forum members and Glen-L.

 Riviera by Ronny Gangnes, Ballstad, Norway

Updated March 30, 2019

Riviera by Mike Edberg, Nacogdoches , TX

Photos added September 8, 2020 Updated June 4, 2020 - Initial Launch! Updated June 4, 2019 - Just finishing up the deck everything else is in but a few odds and ends should be on the water soon! January 30, 2019

Riviera by Darrel Raville, Malone, New York

February, 2017 - Building a Riviera in northern New York


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