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Sea Kayak by Anthony Tavarro, Philippines

June 5, 2017 - Greetings from the Philippines! Wanted to share my build. Both are all base on your design. Im thinking about ordering your SUP soon. Thanks, Anthony

Sea Kayak by David Lott, Branson, Missouri

David Lott Branson, Missouri 4/2/2007. Hull completed without deck. Epoxy fillet, interior and exterior fiberglass tape completed. Since I am changing the deck from plywood to strips I changed the shape to a radius with 4 ½ in loft in the bow and 2 loft in stern. This required that I stitch up the lower hull using the forms with the plans and then replacing the forms and bulkheads with ones having the radius. I found a very nice 20 ft piece of clear grain redwood which I cut down to ¼ in wide strips. This will let me run 2 strips down each side and 3 down the center. I will fill in the balance with strips cut from a clear piece of white pine. I am planning to paint the hull black which should set off the red and white strips on the deck nicely. This has been an interesting experience learning how to work with epoxy and fiberglass and glad I did this project before the big one.

Sea Kayak by Phillip Bruggeman, Bluffton, South Carolina

1 January 2011 Hi my name is Phillip Bruggeman. I live in Bluffton, SC. These are photos of my 17\' Sea Kayak I built.

Sea Kayak by Donato Conserva, Martina Franca, Province of Taranto, Italy

September, 2012 I’ve completed the Sea Kayak 17’. Many things are been modified, as the deck, the bulkheads, and now the boat has 5 watertight compartments, 2 forepeaks, 2 afterpeaks and many other aesthetic things. The weight is 55 lbs. Let me know if you like it. Thank you very much for everything you send me because in the life there is always something new to learn. Thank you. Best regards to everyone of you.

Sea Kayak by Adam Alderdice, Rideau, Ottawa, Canada

July 2015 Rideau, Ontario Here is my finished Sea Kayak. I started in February and worked a couple hours a day during the week. This is my second boat (sort of) as I have a half finished Cracker Box I started in 2011 in the garage as well - waiting for a motor. I actually had the two together briefly before I took it to my cottage. I did some minor finishing of the Kayak while it was on top waiting to be moved. I altered the design a bit, I curved the deck by just using the high point of each bulkhead and drawing a curve. The mahogany plywood for the entire boat was 4mm and I did the deck with 3mm cedar strips. I liked the stitch and glue processes and the overall result. Adam

Sea Kayak by Capt. Aaron Pufal

Sea Kayak Two by Aaron Pufal, Plantation, Florida 11 January 2010 I just finished building your Sea Kayak for Two and good news, it floats!


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