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Sea Knight by Clayton Sauberan IV, Huntsburg, Ohio

July 9, 2018 - The start of the process to build HMS Reflections began in the spring of 2013 when I purchased plans from Glen L Marine for their classic cabin cruiser "Sea Knight". This same boat was built by my father in the early 1970's. I still had his original plans but for ease of construction I purchased a new set. Actual construction was started in August 2013 with the layout and assembly of the frames and transom. This was all accomplished in the basement.

Sea Knight by Francis (friend of Rolando Perez), Manila, Philippines

March 2014 Update It started in November 2011 with a perfect rainbow. The Sea Knight built by my friend Francis in Tali Beach, Batangas, Philippines is now in the water. Another wonderful boat; another unforgettable experience. Thanks! --- Rolando Perez July 2013 I helped my friend Francis start his Sea Knight last week and we\'ve gotten to the point where the chine and shear logs have been attached. The frames had been pre-assembled but we were able to do a lot in the four days we spent on it mainly because of my previous experience building my Zip \"Pawprint\". There were a lot of deja vu moments because despite the larger size of the Sea Knight, the methods were generally the same. Sending you photos of it\'s current state; the build will proceed rather slowly from this point because the boat is in my friend\'s country house a couple of hours drive out of Metro Manila. Also my friend is a first-time builder so he will certainly take more time to just sit and admire his work! :) Especially because judging from its lines it\'s going to be one gorgeous boat. I have to include the photo of the perfect rainbow that appeared as we were building, assuredly an auspicious phenomenon that augurs well for the project! Best regards, --- Rolando

Sea Knight by Steve Durham, Lincoln City, Oregon

September 2013 Finally I can register my Sea Knight. I have spent nearly a decade planning and dreaming of this day. Since time and space to work on it has been in short supply until now, I have spent what time I could muster doing very detailed planning, and acquiring nearly everything I will need to build it and equip it. I have also built several sub-assemblies including helms, and more. The travels of Bob Maskel and his Sea Knight have been an inspiration to me. It mirrors my lifelong dream to see some of our country by water in a small cruiser that I built. Do I ever have a “bucket list” of places to see!! I am building my Sea Knight at 18’10” with a beam of 7’6”, and a hull depth of 3’4-1/2”. I wanted a boat about the size of the Two Plus, but the Sea Knight has way too much appeal to pass up. …Thus the upsize. My Sea Knight will be called the “Karolyn II”. There is a unique story behind this name as well as it being a lifelong dream. Both are very poignant stories and will be added as work progresses. My first pictures show the helms and seats, some of the appliances, (yes, appliances) and the electrical “module” which includes shore power. The boxes on the shelves are full of every part and/or supply imaginable. The frames pieces are cut and being assembled as well. I have made an electrical schematic and the finished product will include an “Owner’s Manual” which will not only have technical information, but an overview of the build itself. When more progress has been made, I will send an update.

Sea Knight by Rory Hamilton, Newnan, Georgia

This is my 2011 Glen-L \"Sea Knight\". I built this boat as a replica of John Hargenrader\'s 1966 \"Sea Knight\". It took 2 years and 2 months to build.

Sea Knight by Scott Davidson

Sea Knight as restored by Scott Davidson (originally built circa 1986 - restored in 2008-09)

Sea Knight by Bill White

Sea Knight by Bill White, Edgefield, South Carolina 16 September 2009

Sea Knight by John E Hargenrader, Oil City, PA

Sea Knight built by John Hargenrader in 1966. Built as a runabout. Boat was cut up in 1997 after being stored and neglected out side.

Sea Knight by Bob and Jer Maskel, Apple Valley, Minnesota

October 2012 Update After G6 (the 2012 Gathering of Glen-L Boatbuilders) I trailered to Columbus, Mississippi and put the Sea Knight in on the Tenn-Tom. I\'d have started at the top of the Tenn-Tom at the Tennessee river, but 3 of the upper 4 locks were closed for a week for repair. I went down the Tenn-Tom to Mobile Bay and stayed in a marina there for a couple days waiting for calmer winds to cross the bay. Finally got light winds and crossed, and went down the Intracoastal to Pensacola, Florida where I spent a few days before I came back through. It was pretty cool having the boat down there in that nice blue water and warm weather. I am used to the muddy rivers up here in Minnesota. Trip totals: 2,831 vehicle miles, 965 water miles on the Sea Knight, (for a grand total of 7,480), 57 running hours added to the hourmeter, and 20 nights sleeping on the boat. I got TONS of great comments on the boat itself, and also the design, (thank you Mr. Witt!) and the #1 question asked - must have been no less than 20 times - was, \"Is that a Chris Craft?\"! Still not sure on a name for my boat but after this trip I am tempted by \"KnotaChris\". This time I had several people ask if it was a Glen-L design after I told them I built it. One guy said he has had a Glen-L catalog for a long time and seeing this was the inspiration he needed to actually build one. I hope he does. 30 Jun 2001 Well, its time I sent some pictures too... I have looked many times at the Sea Knight pictures in the catalog, and now I see someone has sent some in that are on the alphabetical photo board. Here are mine... I just got the hull turned over and on the cradle I built. I have the cradle blocked up level but put casters on it for ease of movement once the cabin structure is on. It was easy turning it over with the help of a few neighbors. I enclosed a picture that included my surrounding work area/garage. I did that because so many of the photos show a nice, clean, decked-out wood shop in the background. I\'m proof that with a 9th grade wood shop class, a messy garage, and a little (lot) of time and patience, anybody can build a boat!! Thanks to Glen-L for the plans and supplies, and the answers to email questions. You make it fun.

Sea Knight by Gonzalo Roa Perez de Arce, Santiago, Chile

July, 2017 Here are some pictures of the Sea Knight that I'm finishing. I'll put a 140 hp Mercruiser engine. The boat is 20' long.


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