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Squirt by Dave Williams, Essex, Vermont

August 17, 2020

Squirt by Chris Stamey, Memphis, TN

30 Aug 2006 Hello everyone at Glen-L! I have always wanted to build a boat, not sure why. I\'ve never owned a boat. I wasn\'t brought up around any large body of water. Still it\'s just something that needs to be done. If you don\'t get it, you probably never will. If you think you can\'t build a boat, think again. Attached are 10 photos of my Squirt... Although still under construction, I feel she is ready for the world to start seeing her. This Thanksgiving holiday will be 2 years in the making. I know, slow going... I have only managed an hour here and there to work on her. Having never built a boat, it has been fun to figure it out step by step. My steps may not be the same as someone who has built a boat(s) before, nonetheless I think in the end I will have a great boat that floats... I think... I hope. I plan to get the bottom completed before winter, so expect to see more photos soon.

Squirt by Eric Kessler

12 October 2003 Below is a link to see the web site I am putting together. I started the Squirt in Jan of 03 and finished in May of 03. It has an inboard 440 motor and electric motor hatch Eric Kessler

Squirt by Batu Goker

Squirt by Batu Goker, Istanbul, Turkey 14 August, 2009 I bought the Squirt built by Hakan Zorlu (who is very close friend of mine) in Turkey and restored it. Here are some pictures and I hope you will like them. This is a great boat, by the way. I was planning to sell it to be able to start a bigger one but I could not stop myself having fun with it. All of my friends and all the marina residents love it....

Squirt by Paul McMillan

Squirt by Paul McMillan, Ontario, Canada October 7, 2008

Squirt by Gregory Fairbanks

Squirt by Gregory Fairbanks, New Windsor, NY July 14, 2008

Squirt by Rick Cherry

Squirt by Rick Cherry, Charlestown, Indiana May 26, 2009 Just about complete. It took 4 months to complete working nights and weekends. It\'s my 2nd boat, the 1st being a small sail boat.

Squirt by Peter Weiss

Squirt by Peter Weiss

Squirt by Paul & Joe Bromley

Squirt by Paul & Joe Bromley, Ballasalla, Isle of Man April 18, 2009 After 2 and a half years on and off our dream of finishing our Squirt has become reality today when she made her maiden voyage on the Irish sea in the Isle of Man. For anyone thinking they cannot do it think again; myself and my son have never built a boat before and started the Squirt which is extended to 10 feet 8 inches in a 13 foot shed, a bit of a squeeze and required some organisation but with a will we made it!

Squirt by Jeff Cobb

Squirt by Jeff Cobb, Baton Rouge, Louisiana 15 October, 2009 I’m really pleased with the boat. It came out looking better than I’d ever imagined and the ride is sensational for a boat this small.

Squirt by David Streeter

Squirt by David Streeter, Port Charlotte, Florida August 24, 2009 This was a fun project and a more fun toy as you can see.

Squirt by Bruce Richmond

Squirt by Bruce Richmond, North Saanich, British Columbia, Canada 1 December 2009 I just thought I would just send you some more pictures from another satisfied customer. As a teenager, I purchased my first boat which happened to be a Glen-L Flying Saucer. I outfitted it with a 1967 33hp Evinrude Ski Twin and had endless enjoyment with my buddies learning to waterski and just plain messing around at Elk Lake near Victoria, British Columbia. Now that I am a father, I decided to try and give my son the same experience.

Squirt by Don Fisher

05 Jul 2001

Squirt by Steve Wolverton, Alpine, TX

p>Squirt Pictures Date: Tue, 18 Jan 2000 From: moose Hello, I have attached 4 pictures of my recently constructed Squirt in two different emails. The boat was a blast to build and I would do it again. The boat turned out very well and only minor changes were made to the boat that differ from the plans. I\'m still tweaking the motor but couldn\'t be happier with the performance of the boat. The boat handles well and planes extremely fast with the 20 HP Johnson. I haven\'t had any handling problems like porposing or bow plow with my setup. The boat slides in turns but not unpredictably so. The boat is amazingly comfortable considering how small it is. I have a website of my buildup for anyone who is interested. http://www.overland.net/~moose/squirt_main.html. Thanks for a great set of plans and prompt service. Steve Wolverton Alpine, Texas

Squirt by Aparecido Santin

My name is APARECIDO SANTIN, I made an order for the \"Squirt\" and received the Plans and I\'m very greatful. Thanks for your help, the boat is finished and is beautful. Aparecido Santin

Squirt by Linda Williams, Crystal River, FL

July, 2019 - I'd like to thank you for a wonderful year of boat building pleasure. My little Squirt is a real head turner here in Crystal River Florida, where people really know boats. I get so many people asking me how old it is and they're dumbfounded to find out it's brand new and built by a 70-year old lady! I powered my Squirt with a rebuilt classic 1956 Mercury 25. Top-end the boat runs about 24 mph which feels like flying in an 11 foot boat. Thanks again for a great boat plan--looking forward to my next boat build!

Squirt by Simon Sutcliffe, Toronto, Canada

April 2013 Update We are almost at the painting and decking stage, we will paint it british racing green, and the deck will be mahogany with teak stripes. 11 May 2010 I\'m building the Squirt and here are some photos. I increased the length by 10%. We are at the decking stage right now and we are building a gull-wing hatch for the back. We are leaving the transom natural.

Squirt by Rich Stabler, Poulsbo, Washington

2013 Update Since building the Squirt I have built the Glen-L Zip and Glen-L Tunnel Mite. I’m now being requested to have them on display at the newly remodeled Tacoma Foss Waterway Seaport Museum on a rotating basis. I will put a little history display together for each of the boats as to when they first hit the drawing board or when the plans were first available. I’m thinking if I can spark some interest in boat building to a few it will be well worth it. Thanks! --- Rich Stabler 12 October 2007 Well it\'s been about 14 months build time and gathering materials along the way from ebay and the great people at the local West Marine store. A few sea trials to get the motor running the way I want it and I\'m having a BLAST. This being my first attempt at building a boat, I\'ve learned a lot along the way. First, if you\'re after a specific look, add 25% to the build time and 50% to the cost. Would I do it again? YOU BET. I\'ve never been one to accept praise for the things I\'ve done but the comments I\'ve received from the many people who\'ve seen it sure makes the time spent in the shop all worth it. As you can see I went for the longer version (11\'). This gave me a nice place for the battery and fuel tank as well as plenty of stowage for the paddle, life jackets, fenders, dock lines and even a little room for a basket lunch without cluttering the cockpit. Hull materials are Marine Mahogany ply over White Oak frame. The instrument panel and decking is Ribbon Mahogany with White Maple inlay surrounded by Philippine mahogany. The underlayment is the same plywood used in building Pygmy kayaks. On the hull I used West System with a 6 oz. cloth, and sprayed 4 coats of Jet Black Interlux Perfection two-part polyurethane. The deck has 2 coats of West System and 6 coats of Epiphanies varnish (will be adding minimum of 2 more coats this winter). The amenities include Teleflex rack system steering, a 500 gph bilge pump, navigation and courtesy lighting in the cockpit and storage area as well as a horn. I know everyone was saying “weight, weight you’re adding too much weight.” Well the total added weight of the electrical system was minimal and has not outweighed the comfort and convenience. Add all that to a comfortable seat and \"Wow\"! Hanging on the transom is a 1977 25-hp electric start, short shaft Evinrude with a Sting Ray Jr. Ten hp more than suggested, but the transom was beefed up to support and an inspection is being accomplished every time I use it for now. I had to get a little creative in many of the areas due to space restrictions. One space issue was mounting the throttle/shift controller on the deck to keep it out of the way and the biggest was routing the steering cable through the deck and connecting it to the older style motor. The steering brackets I made (as you can see in the picture) attach to the splash well and yes, those are modified bimini stainless steel tube slides that attach to the steering tube. The motor can only be pivoted if the link arm is disconnected, but this has not been a problem because the boat sits high enough on the trailer to leave the motor down when trailering. Performance has been more than acceptable for me. With my buddy and I in the boat (approx. 360 lbs.), it jumps out of the water and cruises at 25+ mph on the gauge; my wife and I @ 28 mph and me alone @ 32 mph (Plenty fast enough in an 11\' boat). Not sure, but if I played with it, maybe 35. (No reason to go there). I have added the fin to reduce skidding and the look of the boat required a new steering wheel. I have lots of construction photos and sketches for anyone wishing to see them. Attached are just a few completed photos. (Rich, this is impressive workmanship and we really appreciate your notes and comments about the design—thank you! --- Gayle)

Squirt by Robert Schmitz, Trophy Club, Texas

September 2013 Here are a few pictures from my Glen-L Squirt build. I started the project in 2004 and have worked off and on until the summer of 2010. I couldn’t be happier with the results from your excellent design. The build took a little longer than I expected but when I started I didn’t have any kids; now I have 2. The kids love the boat and my daughter always asks why everyone likes our boat so much; it gets lots of looks and comments. I couldn’t have built the Squirt without the help of this website and forum which answered many questions I had along the way. Thanks!

Squirt by Jon Ashby, Warana, Sunshine Coast, Queensland, Australia

February 2014 Update After six years I have finally floated and completed my 3.45m Squirt. Many long Afternoons and nights the end product has teak and crows ash deck with a midnight blue hull. I installed a Honda 20hp which skips along very well, enough to scare the wife I really enjoyed the build and am excited to start the next project! Cheers, Glen-L!!! First photos posted October 2012

Squirt by  Marcel Tessa, Hamburg, Germany

Gallery Posted 18 February 2014

Squirt by John Putnam, Breezy Point, Minnesota

October 2014 I finally finished my Glen-L Squirt. I am quite proud of it. I thought that I came up with some minor, but interesting innovations that I did not see in other photos, such as the floor bottoms. Thanks!

Squirt by Steve Giglio and Brendan

This boat was built by Brendan, a student that I mentor. Bren was 14-15 years old when we built the Squirt boat. We actually had to install a wood stove, lighting, electrical, chimney, chop wood before we could start. For us 1st-time builders, it\'s a great project. I would suggest a few modifications. I would use solid stock for the stem and if I were you, I would go for white oak, The front end needs a little weight. It holds nails and screws much better. When it comes to the chines & sheers instead of 3/4\" thick, I would two or three layers of 3/8\" thick stock, it is easier to bend and clamp. Take time to accurately build the frames, it pays huge dividends in time and effort. Buy the book and the fiberglassing DVD. Those two resources answered all the questions we had. It is also a fantastic teaching tool for reading and technical information. As a teacher the book is a life saver. This was the first boat we have ever built and fiberglassed. I would also recommend investing a few bucks into large graduated syringes. I mounted them vertically on a board and used them to measure and dispense the expoxies. This worked out really well, it allowed us to measure very accurately and get a really accurate ratio. It also allowed us to mix fast small batches. With a lot less waste. Brendan learned a tremendous amount and not just about boat building. I\'m going to build the Jon Boat next!

Squirt by Jean Noel Rendu, Paris, France

Update 13 March 2015 Update 1 July 2013 My first time with my Squirt on the water - A great little boat! Please see video of my squirt and visit my blog to view a photo journal of her build. June 27, 2009 Hello, I live in Paris, France, and I built a Squirt with a friend of mine. It\'s an ambitious project and I do it with all my passion of boat and sea. Here are photos and also you can go on my blog at monbateauaparis.canalblog.com Best regards, J.N. Rendu

Squirt by Bill & Linda Whitney, NE Bothell, Washington

Updated June 2016 March 2004

Squirt by Scott Tillchock, Port Jefferson Station, New York

July 2017 Hi Gayle, Thought you might like to see some photos showing stages of construction of the Squirt that I recently completed. In the area that I live, there is a non profit group \"LISEC.org\" that has a boat building program. Its\' a great program and for a small fee, you get to build the boat in their shop using their tools and have experienced volunteer helpers as well. I\'ve always been very handy, but this was a different type of construction than I am used to so I signed up for their program and with their help, we built the Squirt and I learned many new skills during the project. I\'m currently in the process of getting the boat dialed in properly as far as engine height, trim angle, prop size and load balance. So far it rides much better than I expected and gets looks where ever I go! I think I saw that it was your father that was the original designer. My hats off to him for a terrific design! I\'m looking forward to building a larger model in the coming years. Sincerely, Scott Tillchock​

Squirt by Carlo Hermelijn, The Netherlands

September 6, 2018

Squirt - Inboard by Dwain Colton, Estacada, OR

7 March 2019 - Building new boat, a 10 foot long Squirt. It will have 181-140 hp Mercruiser engine in it, MOUNTED AMIDSHIPS, with an i/o outboard leg mounted. (Dwain has previously built the Ski King).

Squirt by Adam Bright, Australia

Posted November, 18, 2019

Squirt by William Johnson, Columbia, Virginia

Update March 2013 Finally took “The Old Coot” out for a trial run, she handled great and was a lot of fun. Guess I will enjoy her for a while before I decide what the next build will be??? Thanks again! Update June 2012 Still have the windshield to install, need to get the controls and the motor on but as you can see that will have to happen outside. My wife has been very patient with me building most of it in the dining room (I did take it outside to sand).

Squirt by Michael and James Toogood

23 September 2007 Another great set of plans from Glen-L. Many thanks, Mike & James Toogood, Bahamas.

Squirt by Peter Stofmeel - NSW, Australia

24 January 2007 Dear Gayle. I finished the squirt sometime early in the new year of 2006. I opted to buy a new motor, a Mercury 15HP which set me back a bit but is worth the extra dollars. The fuel economy is great and the power is capable of lifting it instantly onto plane with 2 adults, at full stick I have been told on three occasions now that it is travelling at 40kph (25mph), feels like it\'s doing three times that. Did have trouble early in the piece without a skeg, couldn\'t get off a wake at slow speed and nearly hit another boat, that was enough to look into fitting a skeg. The sliding without it was great fun but ended up being too dangerous. Ended up fitting a 1-1/2\" strip from base of stem to transom but this caused cavitation therefore shortened it 2ft from the transom, it now turns on it\'s nose from full throttle. Now to work out spray rails or something to keep dry. The lettering here in NSW Australia has to be 150mm high, - c\'mon the hulls less than 400mm high, \"that\'s the regulation height sir\"- The orange lettering is actually self adhesive, semi transparent book covering for school books, it\'s been on for 12 months now and does not shows signs of falling off. Thanks Glen L for a great little boat.

Squirt by Hakan Zorlu, Istanbul, Turkey

I started my project on 14 September 2006 by cutting the frames pieces from the paper to make them template to the plywood. Physically started the wood work at 10 October. My project took 292 man hours to finish until finally on 01 Sept 2007 my little girl met the sea. I would like to thank all the people in the Boatbuilder Forum who helped me with my problems during the project. My Squirt has 15 HP Long shaft Johnson and max speed 22 Knots (because of the long shaft). My second project will be a tug boat but I haven\'t decided which one. You can also see my project step-by-step at www.zorlu.org/squirt. Regards, Hakan Zorlu

Squirt by Mark H. Howes, East Taunton, MA

14 October 2007 SPLASHED THE BOAT, However, I have not written regarding the status of my project under construction since March of 06. After fairing the chines I applied \"Okoume\" marine ply to the bottom and sides to construct the shell of the hull. Laying cardboard over the framework helped in sizing my panel stock. This went well and after my hours of fairing and sanding the hull was ready for fiberglass. I purchased on e-Bay a 60 yd roll x 54\" wide 6 oz cloth for $60.00. This is a steal, so I advise all builders to do this... cloth is expensive. I glassed and sanded, glased and sanded, I have (3) layers on the hull and just epoxied the interior. I flipped the boat for deck framing and covering. I purchased a teak and holly panel as seen in the photos, I had it cut on the companys CNC router along with the perimeter mahogany paneling, it worked out great. I worked on the trim for quite while and I have a solution for anyone who wishes to have the trim along the gunwal as I do, this is not a bent or steamed piece of trim but cut curved. I actually laid and taped a paper template to the side hull and traced the top edge of the boat. I pulled the template back off the boat laid it flat and the piece of wood is actually curved. I used a wider piece of 1\" thick Mahogany and cut the board on a curve and sanded the curve smooth, I then split the board on a band saw to make two pieces. I installed the both of them in about 15 minutes, this saves alot of time and worked perfectly. After trim was complete, I worked on the seat and center band behind the seat. I also had a 6\" x 10\"x1/4\" Bronze skeg cut for the bottom on the CNC as well. I set in a Ebony, Bloodwood, and Holy decorative inlay band around the deck panel and painted and varnished the boat. I bought a new trailer for $530.00, and it was ready to power up.

Squirt by Joel Truog, Jacksonville, Florida

September 2012 Update

Squirt by Greg and Brad Roy, Aukland, New Zealand

May 14, 2008 My last project was building the Barrelback “Bootlegger.” Now I and my 11 year old son Brad are building the Squirt as a father and son project. We commenced last year and in the weekend just gone, we turned the hull over. We plan to finish the boat over the winter in time for our Summer (starts in December down under) The frames are “Kauri” a great local boatbuilding timber.

Squirt by Curtis Mcdaniel

20 October 2007 Hello, I have attached some pictures of my recently started Squirt project. The boat is a blast to build. I have great inspiration for this Squirt project... “Alex” my Grandson. It took the longest time to get the shop ready for a large project. I normally build small projects like Boxes and birdhouses. So enjoy the photo’s and I will send a few more as I progress.

Squirt by Matthew & Bill Edmondson, Red Creek, NY

A few pictures of the Squirt my son Matthew and I built. Matthew plans on making boat building a career. GLBBS next fall and then on to a degree. Thanks Glen-L for helping to fuel a passion.

Squirt  by Anthony Reame, Grand Haven, Michigan

Building the Squirt in Grand Haven, Michigan.

Squirt by Anthony Reame

Squirt by Anthony Reame, West Olive, Michigan 26 May 2011 I started this build towards the end of last summer and was only able to get the frames cut out. Within the last week I have started to set everything up on the jig and get things in place. Currently, I have just attached the battens and will be adding the transom knee, chines, and sheers in the next couple days (I got excited when it started to look like a boat and added the battens before the transom knee).


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