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Sweet 16 Steel by Mike Mooney

January 4, 2020 - I've currently got all my plating tack welded in place.

Sweet 16 by Don Aguanno, Fair Haven, Michigan

Built in wood/ply. Power is a 12HP 2 cylinder Westerbeke with 2:1 reduction gear. Says Don, "This is the 3rd boat that I have built and I must say it's been the most enjoyable and a great learning experience."

Sweet 16 by Ken Bowers, Lee Center, New York

October 2012 My first boat the \"Rock River\" was completed in July of 2011. Building took place over a period of 30 months but actual work hours have been lost in time. Powered by a 24 h.p. Yanmar diesel. I am pleased with my first attempt at boat building.

Sweet 16 by Brian Bawcombe & Jeremy Whitfield, Mandurah, Western Australia

July 2012 Update Photos of my completed Sweet 16 Tug Boat. A friend and I have built two of these Tugs, one each, over the last 28 months, working together on each others vessels. We have altered the original Ken Hankinson design by removing the Rear Cabin and incorporating a small Engine Box/Storage Locker. The two Side Doors to the Pilot House were deleted and a rear facing Sliding Cabin Door incorporated. The vessels are intended for short trips around the canals and inland water ways of the Peel Estuary and seating space is more a priority than a bed! The vessel has a 3 Cylinder 21 HP Yanmar inboard diesel driving a 3-bladed, 19 inch diameter prop through a 3.22 to 1 reduction gear box. There are two 10.5 Gal Stainless Steel fuel tanks installed in each boat. The boats have a 7 inch, remote controlled Search Light, AM/FM Radio – CD Player, VHF Radio, GPS Navigation and a brass Steam Whistle driven from a 12 volt air compressor via a pressure reservoir. A small Solar Panel has been installed on the Pilot House roof to trickle charge the two 12 volt batterys. It was a long process two and a half years to complete but would not have missed the journey for anything. Thanks for the plans.


19 Responses to Sweet 16 Design

  1. Oscar says:

    Good day.
    I am interested in building a Mini Tugbiat sweet 16.
    Do you have a photo of the sleeping areas, please?
    It would help me a lot.
    Thank you Oscar

  2. Brandon says:

    Mike, I’m building a sweet 16 and would love to chat!

  3. Mike says:

    Has anyone built or are building a steel sweet 16. I’m currently doing so and would love to correspond with someone.

  4. Bill Shephard says:

    I love the lines of Sweet 16 but I’m looking for an identical boat 8 – 10 longer.

    Any advice?

  5. Brandon says:

    Ken, Brian, and Jeremy, great looking boats! I’m currently 75 hours into my build. I’d love to get more info from you if you are willing and able. As I said on my blog post,Gayle is going I get sick of me really quickly! I’ve also got an iPhoto share site up of the process if anyone wants to check it out.

  6. Lucas Erickson says:

    Great looking boat. I’d love to see some pictures of the inside of the cabin.

  7. Anthony Skrip says:

    Beautiful job. Very impressive indeed! Did you construct this from your own plans or are plans available for purchase.
    Thank you

  8. FRANK says:

    Hi Brian & Jeremy,

    Beautifully finished craft, could you advise me on the completed height on a trailer, and wheel size on the trailer please.

    Frank Debooy

  9. Doug says:

    Nice tugs down under! Ken–beautiful job!- I was wondering if you could post some inside pics of the sleeping accomodations and wheelhouse?? I am dying to see what it looks like inside- im doing a Fred Murphy…

  10. Mike says:

    I need a mast for a sweet 16 tug. Anyone know where to purchase?

  11. Darren Mahoney says:

    Hi Guys what material did you use to build your splended crafts that you two guys have built & shown the rest of us how it’s done to perfection.

    • Brian Bawcombe says:

      Hi Darren. Sorry for the late reply – haven’t had access to this site for some time.

      Our tugs were built from Tasmanian Oak and Marine Ply, finished with International Paints except for the Royal Blue on the hull which if memory serves me right is Noreglass. The outer hull was sprayed, the rest put on by roller.

  12. Andy Miller says:

    Hey Guys, great job on the boats 🙂 beautiful paint job!

    I do a video podcast that deals with showing people how to do some basic repairs and maintenance on their boats (fiberglass, paint, brightworks, etc).. This Fall I am giving some consideration to organizing a small boat build with the thought that there may be a few viewers that would be interested in building along.

    On my end the entire process would be put on video and avail online for others to view. I’ve looked over the materials list for this boat but would like some actual info from you on what the “real world costs” turned out to be.

    I’m pretty certain that this particular boat would be out of the price range for many people to build along, but I also think that there would be a large group of people that would be very interested in watching the process of this being built. This is probably one of the nicest looking designs for it’s size that I’ve come across..

    If inclined, please email me with any info you would be willing to share.

    Thank you!


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  14. peter randall says:

    nice boat fellas do you have progress photos as well as im starting my own sweet sixteen soon

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