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Tahoe 19 by John Thomas, Coto De Caza, California

June 2017 I built the Tahoe 19 and made a few modifications to it; I want to share a couple of pictures of it. Had many complements and won a few awards at Lake Arrowhead boat show a couple of years ago. Thank you and Glen-L for being there !!! . . . .

Tahoe 23 by Karel Hartinger, Lima, Peru

June 2017 Just finished building this Taqhoe 23; next project is building the Glen-L Sea Angler.

Tahoe 23 by Varno Porovarde, Harku Vald, Estonia

June 2017 I have built the Tahoe23 and generally the boat is very beautiful and performs well.

Tahoe 24 by Charlie Kelly, Phoenix, Arizona

Updated 12 December 2018 24 September 2018 I began the construction of my Tahoe 24 in July of 2010. During that time I have had several setbacks including surgery on both shoulders and a stretch where I had 5 back surgeries in 4 months. I also remodeled two different houses for my son along the way. Each time something came up, I picked up where I left off on the boat when time and my health allowed. We owned our own business during that time, and my wife swears the only reason I survived the recession was because I had a diversion to focus on. All along, I had planned on hiring an upholstery shop to finish the interior, and when the time came, I bought a Sailrite commercial walking foot machine and taught myself to sew. It's hard to hand off a project you have put so much blood, sweat and tears into. My son got married a week or so ago in Mammoth California, so we took the opportunity to take the boat along and christen it on Lake Tahoe afterwards. During the week leading up to the wedding I was working overtime on the carpet inserts, boat top and upholstery that covers it up while it's down and stored beneath the deck. Sometimes you need a deadline to wrap things up. We had an awesome time at the lake and the boat performed flawlessly. I wanted to thank you for the plans, materials and advice along the way. I plan on leaving te boat to my son, so I think the name is fitting. Thanks for all you guys do to bring so many peoples dreams to life! 10 June 2013

Tahoe 19' by Gregory Page, Arnold, California

December 2012 Here are some photos of the current status. I hope to have time to work on her this winter. I started on the white deck stripes, but am disappointed at the quality. So I am going to start over on that. Also, I plan on applying more varnish.

Tahoe 23' by Gerald Hurst, Jacksonville, North Carolina

September 2012 Update Building the Tahoe 23 (stretched to 24′ 4″) is great fun and therapy for what ails you. I hope to have created a show piece…..and as you know, it takes time. The boat performs beautifully and draws a crowd.

Tahoe 19 by Ron Filsell, North-West Sydney, Australia

26 July 2010 These photos are from Ron's first Launch of his Tahoe 19 "Symphony" in July, 2010.

Tahoe 21 by Lee Rea

Tahoe by Lee Rea, Lowell, Michigan 5 January 2010 A stretched (21 ft) version completed in July of '07. Entered in Traverse City Michigan Boat Show and the Hessel, Mi. boat show 1 wk later. Won best contemporary classic in Traverse and second place contemporary classic in Hessel. Beautiful to see and a delight to ride in. Where do I go from here?

Tahoe 21 by Rick Katana, Sandpoint, Idaho

September 2017 My name is Rick Katana. I started the project in '2000. It's based off the Hankinson plans Tahoe. Cold molded ply covered in Mahogany. 10 oz. glass from water line stripe down. I found a 1964 327 Chevy engine/drive out of a '64 Chris Sea Skiff on ebay. Actually the 35' Chris had twins- LH & RH. I kept one and sold the other. Completely rebuilt it. The drive was a 2:1 reduction which was not suitable, so I sold it and purchased a 1:1 Velvet Drive FNR which is in it now. It's only been in the water half a dozen times but never fails to turn heads and some applauds. Haven't painted the name yet, but "she" will be "PuraVida" She has survived 4 moves, 1 divorce, and is now resting happily at my home in Puyallup, Washington My goal is to bring her out to the wooden boat festival on Lake Union in Seattle. I have photo documented the project from the start. I have to say, that the first launch in the water was a "moment" I couldn't find anyone to go with me to the lake, so I went myself. After launching, there was a fisherman on the dock who held the line while I parked the truck. No seats, engine cover, steering,,,,,, just a bare hull with motor/drive. My goal was to water test and run engine, check adjustments. This boat, sitting there in the water at the dock became,,,,,,,,, "alive" Regards, Rick

Tahoe 19 by Bill Edmundson

Two and a half years ago, I had just finished and launched my cedar strip canoe. My wife immediately jumped on the chance. "I put up with you building the canoe. Now, you can build me a mahogany boat." "Yes, Dear," A project is born. I told her, "The canoe took me 27 months build. This should take me to my death." Lauren wanted something you might see in a James Bond movie. She had already named it "Miss Moneypenny". Somehow, I think she had been thinking about it longer than I had. A search of the Internet led me to Ken Hankinson's web site. Both Lauren and I liked the Tahoe. With the split cockpit, I asked her about talking to the people in the rear. "What makes you think I want to talk to them?" I think that might be my seat. Last month, Barry asked me if I'd do a pictorial essay on "Cold Mold". "I'd be honored." Well, here it is, so far. It's complete with mistakes, sloppy work and other flaws you'll have to find on your own. I'm not a cabinetmaker and this is my first "Cold Mold". I am a structural engineer and I have built things as long as I can remember. Butch Barto's descriptions sound a whole lot like my build. At the Children's Harbor Boat Show, we laughed at how many of our build pictures were the same. Someday I'd like to have my boat at the boat show with Butch's boat. I'll put it on the other side of the marina though. As you look through this, please be gentle. I hope it helps someone.

Tahoe 24' by Edgar vanHolten, Haarlem, Netherlands

February 2016In 2012 I started to build the Tahoe 24. I redesigned the Deck with a sundeck.


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