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Tango by Ron Toyne, Cedar Rapids, Iowa

Updated 16 July 2014 Our friends Becky and Glen, and neighbor friend Howard Peterson helped us get the mast up this morning. Glad to report all stays (supporting wires), chain plates, and mast tangs were the correct length and the mast lifted up easily and without incident into place. Attached are a few photos of today\'s progress. We only need terminate the two stainless steel back stays to get them to the right length and then all the standing rigging will be done. Right now a black dacron rope is showing in the photo which will be replaced by these stainless steel stays. Updated 8 July 2014 Tomorrow morning, the 9th, at 10:00 am we are raising the mast for the first time. Come join the fun! We could use lots of hands on this first raising of the mast so as to avert any chance of the mast getting away from us. Attached are a few photos. Enjoy. We are getting close to getting this long term project on the water.... We did register the boat with the DRN yesterday. Update 29 August 2013 The boat in a more finished state. Only change in these photos is that the bowsprit will stick out 18 inches more than shown. Mahogany trim boards are all removable for re-varnishing in later years, if needed. The round windows look about right. They are deck plates and unscrew for air flow if needed. Hatch slides real nice and we do like the mahogany trim on and around the hatch drop boards. Update 25 August 2013 We got the first of two coats of high gloss light yellow marine enamel painted on the boat this morning. Just one more coat of yellow and a re-do of the green around the edges and the painting is done!!! October 2012 Got the sailboat we are building turned over. The box frame worked real nice. Thought you all would enjoy these photos.

Tango by Richard Follette, Watkins Glen, NY

19 September 2006 I have completed construction of the Tango and launched on April 26, 2006. Construction took 400 hours that I did over 2 ½ years. I had originally planned to have it completed a year earlier but I wanted to pay for it as I went and a couple of weddings for my kids slowed me down. Total cost of construction was about $ 6,000 not including a motor, which I already had, and trailer which I also built. The boat sails great. In winds 10 knots or less, once the sails are trimmed, it’s pretty much hands off. In 10 – 20 knots you’ll need to keep your hand on the tiller but it handles great. I’ve been out when the winds were over 20 knots and it still performs well but you have to keep the sails full and not sail too high. From construction to launch and sailing it has been a good experience. Although it is not the first boat I have built it is the biggest. The plans were good and easy to follow and if I had the room I would probably build a bigger one in a couple of years.


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