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TNT by Doug Green, Thompsons Station, Tennessee

January 2015 Update This is a few pics of my TNT. I spent about 5 years off and on building it. It was a lot of fun to build and even more fun running around the lake. I get tons of questions and comments about this little boat. It has been a very rewarding experience. I am running a 1985 30hp Johnson and I am getting about 35mph with two adults. I\'m sure I could get a little more out of it with a prop change but this setup seems about right and is a blast to drive. April 6, 2009 - First photos

TNT by John Wilmot, Damascus, MD

8-7-03 Gentlemen; Just finished our TNT and your plans were great. I am an architect, so I can attest to the accuracy. I used your fiberglass kit for the bottom and your steering kit for the helm. With a new 25 hp Mercury, she was clocked at 37 mph. I\'m not sure whether I built this boat for me or the grand kids. Thanks for your help- I\'ll see if I can figure out how to send a picture. John Wilmot, Damascus, MD

TNT by Ray Labrecque

Subject: homebuilt TNT Date: Sat, 22 Apr 2000 From: ray labrecque I have a picture of a beautiful TNT that I built... you\'ll love this, I promise.

TNT by Kyle Crawford

Subject: TNT Pictures Date: Tue, 1 May 2001 From: Crawford, Kyle

TNT by Nick Rakic, Port Coquitlam, BC, Canada

Subject: T.N.T. Date: Fri, 21 Jan 2000 From: Sandra R Rakic ... Enclosed is a picture of my project because I\'m so proud of it.

TNT by Chris Power

TNT by Carl Billington

TNT by Carl Bllington 29 July, 2009 Here is a picture of a TNT I finished building. I bought it partly finished from a guy in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada.

TNT by Tim Mueller

TNT by Tim Mueller, Woodbury, Minnesota January 26, 2009 My kids and I are building a TNT. We started late Oct. and have the frames and transom done. We will move to the garage next to make the building form but we might not make too much progress until we start warming up a bit :-(

TNT by Tom Lundquist

TNT by Tom Lundquist

TNT by Greg Nelson, Papillion, Nebraska

October 2014 I started this project early last spring hoping to have it done in time for trial run before it gets too cold. Doesn’t look like that will happen but she’ll be on the water next year. I really didn’t have too many problems other than finding a decent motor and a source for long lengths of mahogany. If I had to do it again I would have used treated lumber for everything but the frame. I also should have held out for a better grade of marine plywood as the stuff I got at menards had too many voids and didn’t finish well. Now that this is finished I’m beginning to think about another project.

TNT by Todd Craig, Roseville, CA

26 October 2007 Hello. These are a few pictures of our completed TNT. We\'ve been working on this boat very sporadically for about 4 years and just finished it 10/07. We\'re located in Roseville, CA. The TNT performs great, is very comfortable 4 two adults and I look forward to many hours enjoying it. Todd Craig Roseville, CA

TNT by William Wold, Warrenton, Oregon

July 2013 Here’s a TNT that was found forlornly sitting in an old garden shed. I brought it home and refurbished it. Previously I had built a Glen-L Tuffy while in High School (1969-70) and had the boat until 1999 when I lost her in a garage fire. Not sure if I had the energy to build another one so finding this old TNT to restore was a Godsend.

TNT by Eric Petry, Ashville, New York

April 2013 Here is my version of the \"Glen L TNT\". I built it 12 feet long and enclosed the rear area for storage. The hull is finished in graphite tinted epoxy and the deck is 1/4\" walnut with black epoxy creating the stripes. The cockpit area is butternut and it’s powered with a 25-hp Johnson which seems plenty fast (31 mph with 2 people and a 14\" pitch prop). I have a 17\" pitch prop on order which should get me a little faster. The boat took about 8 months to complete working on the weekends. Plans were easy to follow and the online Boatbuilder Forum was helpful. Thank you!

TNT by Erik & Tim Kurcz, Milford, Michigan

February, 2013 My 13 year old son Erik and I built this TNT in 2007 (his first build, my fourth). We configured it as a kneeler with barrel style deck, rigged with deadmans throttle and a custom Johnson 35HP triple with racing gearcase. As shown, it runs about 55mph with driver only, and 50-52 with two on board. It looks especially sharp with the clean deck and vibrant paint job. Erik gets constant comments about the beauty of that really fast little wooden boat. Thanks for your newsletters. I like your personal approach to business, your videos, and your lab! --Tim Kurcz

TNT built by Dan Wilson, Minnesota

A couple buddies and I built the TNT ten years ago and it is absolutely the favorite boat at our Minnesota cabin. The grandkids love it. This winter three of us each built a KePau. Mine is currently sitting on the coffee table in our living room waiting for the lake ice to melt. I look forward to building another Glen-L boat. Hmmm, I wonder which one it will be!! The picture is of my wife, seven of our grandkids, and myself. We only drifted away from the dock for the sake of a picture.

TNT by Dan Brennan, Vancouver, BC

A few pictures throughout the process...

TNT by Tim Mueller

TNT by Adam Carruthers, New Brunswick, Canada

3 August 2010 I ordered the plans for the TNT in October 2009. Now it is August 2010 and she is finally complete!

TNT by Lee Denbraber of Peoria, Illinois

Here are some pictures of our TNT build. The TNT is a great boat and we are having a blast with it! Thank you Glen-L.

TNT by Steve and Austin Dies

2 October 2007 My son Austin and I built this TNT for a 20 hp Mercury when he was 10. We have now upgraded and reinforced it to accomodate a 1961 70 hp Mercury. My son is now 23 and his friend has started building a TNT. Steve Dies King City, Ontario, Canada

TNT by Warren Oatman

29 November 2007 Here are some pics I said I\'d send to you. The first pics are of a TNT I built in 1973. I used Merc 35A & a Merc 55 on it. This was built with AC exterior ply & lumberyard pine as I didn\'t know you could order the proper boatbuilding wood. Also epoxy paint & no glass. I used this boat hard for about 6 years & had no problems with it.

TNT by Mike Harvey

TNT by Nevil Knupp, Toronto, Canada

26 June 2007 I recently launched the TNT that I built from the plans and frame kit I purchased from you. On 2 or 3 occasions I did call and receive helpful tips from your staff. As you can see in the final photos I installed a 25HP Yamaha 2-stroke and have clocked the boat at 30MPH with myself and fiancée aboard – combined passenger weight 370lbs. I thoroughly enjoyed building the boat and would love to see it on the picture board. My son, the recipient, just had his 13th birthday and he can easily handle the boat. I have included some of my many pictures from the construction phase in case they are helpful to future builders. Thanks. Nevil Knupp – Toronto Canada

TNT by Woodenfinn

25 September 2006 Here it is finally in the water. I didn\'t finish the bottom properly and the performance suffers a wee bit for it, but I\'ve shaken her down enough, now I can get back to work. The planned 70\'s vintage Evinrude went out the window, but the new motor perks right along. Can\'t recommend this boat enough. Thinking of the Stiletto next, want to take friends along. Have at it folks, it was fun and easy to build and everyone comes to see who the crazy person in the teacup is. Pete woodenfinn

TNT by Bill Snyder

TNT by Bill Snyder, Greeneville, Tennessee 12 May 2010 I recently finished this TNT. I changed the deck a bit to give it a more sporty look.


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