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True Grit by Ray Macke, Marissa, Illinois

Here are a few miscellaneous photos which Ray has posted. Be sure to visit Ray's True Grit Building Log where you can read his entire story and see many photos of the actual build as well as photos enjoying his beautiful boat.

True-Grit by Gary Stookey

I am the guy who is standing next to the alum boat on your True Grit page. I have pretty much finished the boat and have 30 hours on it.

True Grit by Marty Kansky, Knoxville, Tennessee

Launched May 31, 2019 - Wanted to share with you the launch of my True Grit on May 31, 2019. After 7 years of building it was time to bring her to her new home at Concord Marina Knoxville TN. To exit the workshop I built a "railroad" to roll the boat out. I had 1.5 inches to spare! Then the crane came to pick her up and placed her on the trailer. The last picture is of the happy owners of "Made It II" (this was my second boat that I built. The first was a 14 ft sailboat) Top speed is 29 mph with a 175hp Yamaha outboard. Many thanks to True Grit builders Ray Macke and Curt Gard. It was great to have other builders to contact. August 2016 - Build photos


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