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Tubby Tug by Mike Mueller

May 6, 2019

Tubby Tug by Paul and Emily Smith, Bundaberg, Queensland, Australia

June 16, 2009 Hi, this is Paul and Emily Smith and we have just built the Tubby Tug and these are the pics of when we first tested it! We think this design will be great for us as it is ideal for river fishing!

Tubby Tug by Bill Hodgdon

Tubby Tug by Bill Hodgdon, Strafford, New Hampshire June 25, 2009 This recently completed project (Launched Aug 1, 2008) involves a modified Tubby Tug, which is different from the standard version in that it is electric power, has a folding top, and a fantail stern. I have built about a dozen boats, the first being a Glen-L Squirt in 1960 with my Dad. I was also a draftsman and later an engineer before I retired. I only point this out because the faintail stern modification I did, involved complex full-size lofting that I do not recommend to anyone without the experience to do so (not recommended for new boatbuilders). That said...here\'s my story. My wife wanted a small electric boat to go out on the lake early in the morning as the sun rose, to watch the Loons, and just quietly look at the peaceful morning. When she asked me to build her one, I took her to the Glen-L site and asked her which of the special purpose electric boats she wanted me to build. Unexpectedly, the Tubby tug was also in that category, and she said for sure, that was the one she wanted. Unfortunately, we have a low bridge (42\" clearance), so the top would need to be retractable, somehow (leaving the top off was not an option). My 88 year old Dad spent lots of time helping aboard the local harbor tugs as boy, and we both thought that even though it would make the job much more difficult, the transom should be a traditional fantail stern. (I think I spent as much time on the fantail stern as on the rest of the boat, all considered). Since there are many excellent articles on building the Tubby Tug, I will just focus on these different modified areas of my Wife\'s Tubby Tug.

Tubby Tug by Giacinto Elefante

Tubby Tug Cradle by Giacinto Elefante, San Vito dei Normanni, Italy 28 April 2010 Here are some photos of your Tubby Tug built as a cradle boat, obtained from your plans scaled at 45%.

Tubby Tug Model by Ron Krueger

Tubby Tug Model by Ron Krueger, Wilmington, North Carolina 12 May 2010 Here is my Tubby Tug in 1/4 scale.

Tubby Tug by Erik Roadfeldt

Tubby Tug by Erik Roadfeldt July 6, 2008 Here are some pictures of my Tubby Tug project. The pilot house was finished with five coats of marine varnish. I knew the \"look\" was acceptable when my 10 year old asked if he could touch it (thinking it was still wet!).

Tubby Tug by Kevin Brown

12 January 2008 The first board was cut on September 9, 2007 and the \"sea trial\" and consequent touch up paint (I scuffed it up at the dock) happened today, January 12, 2008. It took just under 100 hours of actual build time over the four month period. I finished just in time to give it to my daughter on her 4th birthday tomorrow! This is the second boat I have built but the first Glen-L design. I will be building boats in the future but I will NEVER build another boat unless it is a Glen-L Design. The full-size patterns and layouts saved me much more than the cost of the plans. The time the plans and patterns save are immeasurable. Thanks again for a wonderful design. I think I might build a Squirt next! Kevin Brown p.s. I chronicled my construction at www.tubbytug.com

Tubby Tug (full-sized) by Ron Krueger, Wilmington, North Carolina

Update 11 November 2013 I added a remote steering system using parts and kits from a local Marine parts and repair company. I made the motor bracket and angle bracket from 1/4\" aluminum plate. Update 15 July 2013 Update 01 July 2013 25 March 2013

Tubby Tug by Doug Wade, Toronto, Canada

Update July 2013 As I promised both you I am sending you my description of how I put a fire monitor on my Glen-L Tubby Tug. This is my \"Thank You\" for the smiles your Newsletters give me. Editor\'s Note: See Doug\'s step-by-step account of his Fire Monitor installation here.

Tubby Tug by John Little, Plantation, Florida

May 2013 Update A Christmas photo to share with you. 16 Nov 2005 Yes, Tubby Tug and Squirt have taken back burner to hurricane clean-up. I have one more tree to cut up and haul off and I can start work on the boats again.

Tubby Tug by Ken Fairhurst, Tarpon Springs, Florida

October 2012 Here are pictures of my Tubby Tug. She was put in the water on July 1, 2012 after 2 months of work. She is not finished; as you can see the top handles, windows, etc. were not on the boat as yet. All went well as you can see. She is powered with a 55lb-thurst electric motor and goes great.

Tubby Tug by Jim Gaines, Juneau, Alaska

At last, time to upload some photos of the boat project. Little league has curtailed the spring boat building, and lack of home computer time has curtailed Facebook time. Note my daughter is a bit anxious to get things going. This is a Tubby Tug, though modified for extra length and a fantail stern.

Tubby Tug by Robert Greco, Cape Coral, Florida

Hi Gayle, attached are photos of our second boat, which we launched on Christmas Day. It was a gift for my 2 year old grandson. The first was a ZIP, Robert I, that we built in 2009. The ZIP cost about $8500 not including motor and trailer. The Tubby Tug cost $1500 without motor.

Tubby Tug by Butch David, Phoenix, AZ

6/1/2011 I\'m starting this construction log today, but I started a few weeks ago by buying the Tubby Tug Plan and the ETM plans (placing a trolling motor as an \"inboard\" engine instead of an outboard). I have the plans for a \'ZIP\' and thought I\'d begin that first, but as I worked through the process, I figured it would be better to make a boat for our grandson first. That gives me a chance to gain more experience with fiberglass and epoxies. The Tubby Tug will not be as critical for finish as the ZIP, and this will give me the experience and confidence to build the ZIP in a showroom state.

Tubby Tug by Paul Brown, Sydney, Australia

21 October 2007 Dear Glen-L, I have finally finished Tubby Tug. I started on the 25th of January and completed 19th October with a time of 362 hours. I think the hours could have been reduced if I had not had trouble with varnish finishes over epoxy. The boat turned heads on the way to the water and in the water, building this vessel was a very satisfying experience. I would reccomend it to anyone, the end product is so unique. Power is a 54 lb. thrust electric outboard, supplied by 2 100ah batteries, which can be switched from one to the other as required. The electric outboard supplier was horrified when I told him I wanted to cut it in half, and procceded to tell me there could be no warranty. The trailer is a Glen-L 650, which I modified slightly as I wanted protection for the propellor. With one person on board, trim is slightly bow down, this is probably due to battery placement. With two up trim is spot on, one in wheel house and one on stern seat... it\'s more fun with two anyway and so quiet. Thanks glen L for a great design. Paul Brown Sydney Australia

Tubby Tug by Dan Zappitelli, Conneaut, Ohio

21 Jul 2006 Dear glen-l. Here are some pictures of Tubby Tug 2. I started it last summer in May of 2005 and just finished it. I plan to launch it on 8-1-06. It was the 2nd Tubby Tug boat I have built. This one came out a lot better. I added a few ideas for fishing and crusing. It was a lot of fun to build. I\'m going to start my next boat shortly, which one I don\'t know yet. They\'re all cool boats. Thanks again.

Tubby Tug by Steve Hansen

11 January 2008 Have enjoyed very much receiving your newsletters and seeing what others are building. I\'ve attached a few pics of the first project that started the boat building bug in our family. Many thanks to you all for the great plans and support! Best regards, Steve Hansen

Tubby Tug by Welton Rotz, San Francisco, California

16 December 2010 Note: See Welton\'s story in WebLetter 125

Pirate Tubby-Tug by Todd Deaver, Newalla, OK

Subject: Pirated Tubby Tug Date: 22 January 2007 After seeing your plans for the Tubby Tug, I knew I wanted to build one for my granddaughter. Since she is only 3-years old, I thought I would have to wait until she was older. Not wanting to wait several years, I decided to build one for my 8-year old nephew. Given my nephew\'s fondness for playing \"Pirate\", I decided to modify the plans a little. The cabin was left off, but blocks were installed for future addition. The center seat was built to hold a simulated mast and a bowsprint was attached to the bow. Ropes were used to simulate the outline of sails. Power is from an electric trolling motor. I told my nephew that we can finish the conversion to a tug boat when he outgrows being a pirate.

Tubby Tug by Eric Stiles, Ocala, Florida

Update 24 Aug 2002 Attached are photos of the Tubby Tug, \"Puddle Jumper\" on the Silver River. I weigh 180 lbs. and I could not flip this boat with my weight from any angle. Great design! 18 Jun 2002 This version of your Tubby Tug is named the Puddle Jumper and begins operations on the lakes and rivers of central Florida this weekend. All controls are inside the cabin and enclosed watertight storage is under the centered helm station. This boat was a pleasure to build and outfit. My 3-year-old son, Captain Ryan is as excited as a little boy can be. Being a U.S. Merchant Marine Engineering Officer, of course I had to impose modifications such as all cypress cabin and trim, a mast, watertight compartments, horn, running lights, bell, whistle, carpet, etc . . . .

Tubby-Tug by Dan Zappitelli, Conneaut, Ohio

Subject: Tubby Tug Date: 10/9/02 To Glen L. I bought some plans for your Tubby Tug. I started building a year ago (10-01) in my spare time. Well, anyway, here are some pictures from start to launching her for a test run. I had lots of fun putting her together. She still needs the finished, but I had to see if she would float before I went on with her. I think I might want to try the Bo-Jest next. I sure had a crowd of people on the launch day. Thanks again. Dan Zappitelli, Conneaut, Ohio

Tubby-Tug by Chester Robinson, Sherman, TX

9 Aug 2006 Got all the bulkheads and transom mounted to the bottom today. It is starting to look like a boat. Plan to start stitching the sides on tomorrow or next day.

Tubby Tug by Jason Stange

Tubby Tug by Jason Stange, Cadillac, Michigan July 27, 2008


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