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Ultra-Pierre by Mike Morasci, Dalton Gardens, Idaho

October 2012 Update I wanted to take a moment and let you know Just how much I appreciate the time that Glen gave me a couple of weeks ago. Since this is the only e-mail I have I was hoping you could forward my appreciation on to him. As I am working on final steps to complete my Hankensen Ultra Pierre project (BooBooToo), I phoned Glen-L to get some recommendations on proper trailer configurations for a hull of this type. My call was transferred to Glen and he was incredibly patient with my questions, and both kind and giving of his expertise in helping me. My basic problem Is, at this time one of budget. It’s getting tight. For an immediate and short term solution, I have an old (1974 Caulkins 5000#) trailer that will fit the boat but it had roller bunks (see the Roller Bunks photo) that were not suitable for the flat bottomed hull. With Glen’s help I was able to come up with a modification to support the boat by replacing the rollers with longitudinal 2x12 Stock for carpeted bunks. Since I built the boat on a custom framing table “Right Side Up”, and have kept the steel backbone that was the basis for the bottom curvature, I was able to easily transfer the curve to the 2x Bunk to conform to the rocker. I added a rear support to the trailer rails, some angle iron to support the added length of the 2x stock, a little paint and carpet, and finished the modification in a little over a week, (see photo) and didn’t add any real expense to the budget :0). After replacing the tires (the original 1974\'s were deteriorated from UV light and unusable), and with a little help from a very good friend, BooBooToo found herself on wheels and for the very first time was moved outside the shop (see BooBooToo on Wheels photo). The trailer is not quite done as there are some problems with bottom clearance to the fenders but I’ll work out those issues this coming winter. With Winter fast approaching here in North Idaho, the likelihood is “nil” that we’ll be floating in 2012, but I can easily finish up the work and be ready for her maiden voyage early next year. I have some detail painting to complete (including the Boot Stripe and the Name), then it’s on to wiring and finishing up the engine install. After that, I plan on Building the Mast and Boom (needed the boat on wheels to gain access in the shop for this work) and complete some hand stitching on the sails (by the fire this winter) and the rigging will be ready to install as soon as spring gets here. Again, I feel that I cannot adequately express my gratitude for the help that Glen provided and his willingness to share his expertise with me. I hope I’ve captured his intent in this design modification. Overall, this has been a wonderful experience and PLEASE accept my THANKS for everything Glen-L has done, from the excellently detailed plans to the early advice through the ongoing support… It’s all greatly appreciated. Kind Regards, Mike Morasci Updated July 24, 2012 Ultra Pierre under construction. Modified design incorporating a 3/16 in thick steel bottom, polyester epoxy covered plywood sides and canvas covered top deck. This is a Sailing Version with a custom inboard engine design. Expected launch date April/may 2012. Update July 24 2012 - Launch date has been pushed back a bit. There are many small details to work out but the bulk of the construction is now done. I am primarily painting, sanding, fairing, sanding and painting again. There are many details intentially left out as I wish to spend some time on the boat before I add more permanent features. With any luck I plan to be applying bottom paint over the next week or so then I can begin to focus on working out the engine particulars and begin the wiring. The name has been chosen and I am working on the graphics: BooBooToo aka the ClownShip may make the water this August under engine power (the sail won\'t be ready until spring 2013).


3 Responses to Ultra Pierre Design

  1. Wolf says:

    For my first build, good idea?

  2. TIM KINGHORN says:

    Hi Mike, your Ultra Pierre looks great ! I want to build the Ultra Pierre in the Phillippines Islands. I was wondering how you were using the steel on the bottom ? Thanks Tim in Seattle

    • mike morasci says:

      Hi Tim,

      Been Steel Head fishing, so away from the computer for a while.

      Basically the design is an ultra Pierre with Oak Frames and Plywood sides. My variation was to remove all bottom structure and replace with a 3/16 Steel bottom and transom. Steel knees and lower skirt (essentially a garboard I guess) to attach the Ply to were welded in. Built unconventionally, right side up beginning with the bottom. All done with AC stick welding.

      I have some pic’s posted showing some of the design details. Drop me a line and I’d be happy to share additional details with you if you have any questions I can answer.



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