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Vera Cruise by Carl Smoot, Austin, Texas

A beautiful cabin cruiser design I hope to someday finish and use. It's been a blast building her. A beautiful wooden cabin cruiser design.

Vera Cruise by Andrew Sharpe, Wiltshire, England

January 9, 2016The whole weight including engine is 1540 kilos, the trailer weighs 520 kilos and the 25 hp Yamaha outboard is 78 kilos making the boat 942 kilos or 2077 pounds. All the fittings are brass throughout apart from the combination stove/sink. I have thoroughly enjoyed every minute of the construction, I have at times wondered why I ever started it, and at one point thought about scraping the whole thing to a skip. It’s been a real roller coaster of a ride but I made it, thank you. I’ve built a boat and learnt so many new skills on the way, now with spring around the corner I plan many hours of pleasure cruising the waterways of Britain with Susan my wife and Lucy our trusty although somewhat nutty Labrador, so here also as promised is a few pictures. October 2012

Vera Cruise by David Ellingson, Woodstock, IL

5-10-06: I\'ve been working on my Vera Cruise several months, sort of in backwards order. I\'ve been working on the electrical/electronics, accumulating hardware, etc. so that when the hull is complete all this other stuff will be complete and ready to install. I bought the frame kit now because Allyn is retiring and it won\'t be available in the future. But I won’t be able to start on the hull for a year or two. 7 Jul 2006

Vera Cruise by William Klotz, Minneapolis, MN

Subject: Photos of Vera Cruise Roll Over Date: Wed, 22 Mar 2000 22:23:18 -0800 From: William Klotz Rolled over my Vera Cruise on Monday. With summer coming on I\'m looking forward to finishing her in time to get her on the water before next winter.

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