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Editors Note: One of our boatbuilders, Ray Macke, has built beautiful examples of our Glen-L Cabin Skiff and our True Grit. Since completing their construction, Ray has often taken to the waterways of the Southeastern United States and chronicled his adventures in his own on-line journals…the following is the account of his latest voyage.


In mid-October my 2012 boating season was approaching an end.        Certainly there would be a few more nice days but the odds of several consecutive days of comfortable cruising weather were growing short. So when I noted a favorable forecast I could not help being enticed to load Seaquinn for one final long voyage. All summer I had tried to get time to make a run on the Cumberland River to Nashville, Tennessee, however the goal seemed to allude me. But now, even though it is late in the season and the days are short, it appears I would be able to make it happen.

“SeaQuinn”, Ray Macke’s Glen-L True Grit

My available time for the trip was a somewhat tight and as a result I decided to tow farther down the river/lake than normal and launch at Lake Barkley State Park Marina. This would save about 60 miles of river which calculates to a little more than eight hours of total travel. Still the trip would be ample and cover about 260 miles as well as log a little over 40 hours of running time.

My plan was to spend two days in route to, layover a day or two at Nashville and then return in another two days. This was also going to be a solo trip as my wife had already made other plans when the opportunity presented itself.

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