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Union Jack by Alan Keef

On December 16, 2011, in Glen-L Styles, by Gayle Brantuk

Union Jack by Alan Keef – Ross on Wye, UK

Age suggests that it is time to move from sail to motor! I have had the study plans of Union Jack for over ten years but have finally got round to building her. At least I am having the hull built and shall fit out myself. The design has been changed slightly by lengthening the build stations to 3ft giving an overall length of 33ft with beam the same. I shall also build the superstructure in steel and she will have a forward facing trawler style pilot house. Progress will be relatively quick while someone else is doing the work but will slow once I have to start on the internals. Allow a couple of years minimum to being properly on the water.

 The builders are hugely enthusiastic about building this boat and most complimentary to Glen-L for the wealth of information included on the drawings. They would love to build another so if anyone in the UK reads this I can put them in touch with a firm that has the skills and experience of the design.


A mass of small steel sections are beginning to look like a boat with the bulwark top and some frames of the cabin top also showing.



The counter stern and show well in this picture. Also the cut out for the stern tube that has yet to be fitted. Differing from the drawings the tank baffles will have fairly small holes put in them to stop too much liquid sloshing about in the short sharp seas that tend to be my boating waters.


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