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The construction time was right around 480 hrs. The rigging was another 40 hours.

The whole boat does not contain a piece of wood. It is all composite foam core/fiberglass/carbon panels (proset epoxy/vacuum bagged). I stretched it to 19’9″ LOA. The hull weighed in at 860lbs. I was pretty conservative in the amount of fiber I used as well as the core selections.

If I had to do it over again I could knock 100lbs out of the finished weight easily. I build high performance composite structures for a living.

I used my company facility at night and on the weekends for the build. All in all I did it over a 10 month span.


ready for primer

ready for primer

near completion

near completion


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One Response to Glen-L Flats Flyer Built by Jacob Kimbrough, Friendswood, Texas

  1. Pat Freeman says:

    I would like to know more about building boats with foam core fiberglass panels.
    Is there a book or website you could recommend? Bronze screws are way to costly!
    Thanks in advance,
    Pat Freeman

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