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Glen-L now has Stand-Up Paddleboard (SUP) and Surfboard kits available on our website. These boards are all designed and made by Wood Surfboard Supply Company in Santa Ana, California. John and Buckshot and I stopped by their shop recently and had a chance to see their operation and ask them some questions.

We had such a nice visit with owners Brad and Jack as well as Brad’s son Cache.  As is typical of DIY-type folks, they are very nice men. They are all very knowledgeable about surfing in particular as well as SUP’s.

We hope you’ll enjoy the casual video interview below.  In this video, you’ll discover:

  • The various types of boards and which to use when
  •  How the boards are made and a cool method of holding pieces together without a bunch of clamps
  • Weight limits on the boards
  • New boards currently in development
  • A kit being cut by CNC machine and how it ships to you and lots more.

We currently have 5 SUP’s  and 6 Surfboard kits available on our site here. There are several “kits” available: the frame kit, wood kit and fiberglass kit. These boards are built with strips of wood of lightest weight as possible. We offer wood kits that provide balsa and paulownia sticks that you can cut into strips. The frame kits come with very detailed instructions for building with a lot of photos. The instructions are emailed to you as soon as you order your frame kit so you’ll have time to read it through while you wait for your kit to arrive.

Once the board is built, it is fiberglassed with a 4 ounce cloth using two layers on the deck and one on the bottom. This will result in a very strong, durable, lightweight hollow core board that you can be very proud of! See the Glen-L website for details.

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