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I first suggest starting any boat project before the age of 69. It was a great deal of fun and will give me a large amount of pleasure.

The first suggestion I have is to disregard stapling through waxed cardboard or wooden ply squares. Go to your local lumber yard and ask if you can collect the plastic bands from the lumber bundles. Most yards will be glad to have someone pick them up. as you can see in my photos I used the large green ones because they were wider than my staples. These can be cut into any usable length ,long or short. They will not adhere to the epoxy and can be grabbed with pliers, lifted and will bring most staples with it. Save a great deal of time when working under a setup time for adhesive.

Second, make your building form a couple of feet taller. It will facilitate getting under. You can use sheetrock buckets and a 2 X 12 for a movable walk board around your project.

Take lots of pictures, I did, and have the entire job in a step by step photo album.

Hope I haven’t taken too much space. Thanks to Glenn L marine for all the good help and parts/supplies.

Editor’s Note: Marshall, you didn’t take “too much space.” We’d love to hear more from you about your experiences building and enjoying our Tahoe 19.

2nd Editor’s Note: See Marshall’s photos in the Glen-L Photo Galleries here.


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