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I’ve been reading the latest issue of Gayle’s “Build Your Dream Boat” series this morning and remembered how I overcame my confusion when looking into the plans of my first boat, (sorry to say, not a Glen-L plan) but all the same a good way to overcome those moments of confusion when you start to think you are about to waste a whole pile of wood.



Proper junction of Stem, Keel, and Frame

So to make sure I got things right, I made a replica of the “knot” that joins the stem to the keel and frame #1, all on cheap, scrap wood, but just the part where the pieces converge plus a couple of inches.


Only then did I see what I was missing and was able to continue without the fear of wasting wood. It all boiled down to the fact that I could not imagine what was not obvious, (since some people say, designers make mistakes too) and was able to understand how it all went together with the fake parts.


Now, I have set aside those pieces of wood to keep them as a well-learned lesson on boat building (my own private museum, perhaps)….


I hope this is of some use to first-time boatbuilders, Glen-L boatbuilders, that is!


Warm regards, 


Paul Lenton

Southern Patagonia.


Southern Patagonia

Southern Patagonia


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